Got Pride?

Dang! It's Gay Pride month! I confused it with the December celebration in the Philippines. Anyhow, we can still catch up with the festivities. I posted two broke-friendly gay fun stuff below! hope to see you gays there! =)

Here's some history:
LGBT pride or gay pride is the concept that lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) people should be proud of their sexual orientation and gender identity.

The movement has three main premises:

1. that people should be proud of their sexual orientation and gender identity,

2. that diversity is a gift, and

3. that sexual orientation and gender identity are inherent and cannot be intentionally altered.

The use of the abbreviated gay pride and pride have since become mainstream and shorthand expressions inclusive of all individuals in various LGBT communities.

The word pride is used in this case as an antonym for shame, which has been used to control and oppress LGBT persons throughout history. Pride in this sense is an affirmation of ones self and the community as a whole. The modern "pride" movement began after the "Stonewall riots" in 1969. Instead of backing down to unconstitutional raids by New York Police, gay people in local bars fought back. While it was a violent situation it also gave the underground community the first sense of communal pride in a very well publicized incident. From the yearly parade that commemorated the anniversary of the Stonewall riots began a national grassroots movement. Today many countries around the world celebrate LGBT pride. The pride movement has furthered the cause of gay rights by lobbying politicians, registering voters and increasing visibility to educate on issues important to LGBT communities. LGBT pride advocates work for equal "rights and benefits" for LGBT people.

Symbols of LGBT pride include the LGBT rainbow flag, butterfly, the Greek lambda symbol, and the pink as well as black triangles reclaimed from their past use.

source: wikipedia

The Northern Pride! =)

Baguio Pride March!
Akalain mo! Andaming LGBT group sa Baguio! Super Saya! :)

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