Kiss - take 2!

and i thought i've seen the last of it. but God must be a woman and She is won-der-ful! =)

sandra bullock kissed scarlett johansson on MTV Movie Awards (held yesterday) when she accepted her MTV Generation Award. see the full clip below.

i actually like this kiss more than the last because they're hotter and it's sweet (with all due respect & equal love to meryl streep). am eating the whole scripted kiss scene and am enjoying it with relish. hehe. a kiss is still a kiss even if it's scripted because it was executed beautifully. =)

i adore sandra and i support her all the way. you simply can't put a strong woman down. cheers to you!!! *lotsa kiss & hug* and thank you for making two women kissing mainstream. we owe you a lot. =)

Watch the 2010 MTV Movie Awards at MTV.com!


Anonymous said...

kaya ba divorced na si sandra at ang husband nya? hehehe...twistedhalo

firewomyn said...

@TwistedHalo - she is fabulous period, w/ or w/o a hubby :-) she's handling crisis very well. Am a fan. Hehe. Palabas na tv show mo a. Ikaw ba ang twisted halo sa ulo ni pilyang kerubin? Cute nya huh :-p

Anonymous said...

- i like julia roberts more..grabeh up to now she is very pretty.. hindi ako yun sa tv show.. local e.. ahahaha....twistedhalo

firewomyn said...

@twistedhalo - maybe you're the halo in dark angel then? :) i like julia in pretty woman & my bestfriend's wedding. i love her when she's not nice. hehe

Anonymous said...

i love her sa nottinghill..ewan ko ba feeling ko pwedeng maging ako si hugh grant dun sa movie..ahahaha..twistedhalo