Train Crush7

Pahinga muna sa drama, dahil malapit na mag-weekend, konting inspirasyon muna. hehe.

presenting... the morena version of Yasmien Kurdi. =)

the red sea of non-crushables parted and as fate would have it, revealed this brown beauty for me to feast on. mygosh, such luscious, yumyum lips! and of course the bodacious chest of a treasure. but alas! this happened one station away from my stop. noooooo!!!!! i lurv her so much that i got conflicted whether to miss my stop to have more moments with her or be whimsical enough to let fate bring her back to me. career won me over though as i don't want to break my 1yr record of being very early at work.

minutes later when the doors closed, the train sped by and i was left at the platform, still enchanted (suddenly forgetting the office record i was aiming for), i learned one valuable lesson - never settle. if ever i'll shoot for another record, it is not to settle for the things i believe in, love and desire.

to train crush7- i humbly apologize for not giving your beauty justice from my inadequate tool of a phonecam. with eyes as my witness, you hold the distinction of being my most beautiful train crush to date. *blush* there's no perfect match, only perfect timing. i was only given split second with you. and i'm one big stupid ass for wasting that opportunity. sigh.


Anonymous said...

hmm...i envy you on your trainscapades...now i'm longing to be back in Makati.. walang worthwhile tingnan dito sa ortigas lalo na sa opis ko..unlike sa makati, lumakad ka lang sa ayala me matitisod ka na na maganda....twistedhalo

firewomyn said...

@twistedhalo - maybe you should ride train more often =) the train crushes were pre-Makati sightings. that's one of the advantages of Makati, nakaka-kati sa dami ng magaganda. lol! just loo at yourself in the mirror, para makakita ka ng maganda. naks! :D

Anonymous said...

hehehe.. i try not to look at the mirror at baka mainlab ako.. wehehe.. narcissus isthatyu?... twistedhalo

firewomyn said...

@twistedhalo - nah, you're narcissa. hehehe.