Train Crush8

the throng of people making their way to the train has more than doubled. the time it takes to the office is now longer. and the amount of sweat i generated increased by a bucket. it's official, classes has started. yikes!

i cussed every time my foot got stepped on. i got assaulted on all sides that i felt close to violated. people are not just skin to skin, we are sweat to sweat close with each other. ewww! not the kind of intimacy i dreamed!

so while i was getting tossed here and there, mind almost exploding with the incredulity of it all (pure madness this is), a beautiful punk saved my day!

how can i be fuming when the epitome of coolness just arrived? how can i be fussing about the mundane of train stampede when the coolest and the hottest (did i mention cutest?) chick is in sight?

there's simply no excuse, i had to focus on the only one thing that's good at that train ride, on that instance.

what is not to lurv about her? the patched mao cap that hides her long hair, the flawless fair skin that illuminates with her white gold necklace & bracelet, the sexy pink shirt, and ohmygawd,  the assymetric fringe that veils her mystery. it's official, i soo lurv her. and i would willingly go back to school for her. =)


Anonymous said...

i rode the mrt today.. after a long while... ang dami pala talaga preti gels na sumasakay!!....twistedhalo

firewomyn said...

@twistedhalo - naks! ang swerte mo ah! ;) picturan mo din! hehe

Anonymous said...

hindi pa kaya ng powers ko mag picture habang nakahawak sa handle bar.. hahaha...twistedhalo

firewomyn said...

@twistedhalo - it's a skill. hahaha. practice makes better stalker ;)