Lesbians, Bisexuals, Denials in the Phils - part2


Bea Alonzo - a famous ABS-CBN star that's been rumored to be a lesbian. allegedly, she's had several lesbian partners, all of whom worked in ABS-CBN. the nastier part of the rumor is that 2 had already committed suicide due to heartache over Bea. a beauty to die for? scary! :)

Gwen Zamora - new tv/movie actress being groomed by GMA7 as the next IT girl. she's on the tv shows Grazilda and Bubble Gang. her latest flick is recent MMFF's Agimat and Enteng Kabisote. there's a blind item going around that she's gay but didn't see it asked of her yet, so no denial happened so far. if you want to know the blind item itself, just email me. :) don't want to post it here.

Sharmaine Suarez - ex-sexy star vavavoom sharmaine has repeatedly been rumored lesbian in the past. saw in a magazine a photo of her holding hands with a hot chick before. and she admitted to having many lesbian friends. however, she never confirmed that she's "tomboy". she is now married with a man and is returning to acting in TV nowadays. if you ask me, i believe she was into women then. sexuality is fluid anyway.

Leila Kuzma - is a model, taekwondo expert, ex-Eat Bulaga tv host and also a tv actress (last seen in Encantadia). she is a little boyish in demeanor, a very pretty boyish if i must say. probably because she's into martial arts. rumors of her being gay are - caught kissing a sexbomb dancer, has a gf from a call center whom she picks up from work. i find her astig and would love to be her gf anytime. :) *landi!*

Desiree del Valle - the teen starlet of ABS-CBN tv show Tabing Ilog in fact married a lesbian in Las Vegas (by the name of Elaine Crisostomo). Their relationship didn't last/turned sour-bitter that Elaine went public with their wedding and even showed pictures as proof (wherein they both looked happy and inlove. sigh). there were disputes about money. sigh again. it was the first time a celebrity had that lesbian controversy that is so in your face because they wed (legal or not) and there's proof of it. something that can't be denied anymore. the sad part is that while desiree admitted about the wedding, she also said that it was all a mistake.

to be continued...


Anonymous said...

Nice posts. Leila Kuzma is hot! On that thought, I wonder she is now?

Anyway, what's up with the Elaine Crisostomo pic? :))


Anonymous said...

ang hot talaga ng mga Filipinas :)

- the anonymous

firewomyn said...

@prolly - i agree with leila :) dunno though what's she's up to now. maybe in fb?

@the anonymous - true! :)

Anonymous said...

Leila was hot..i must admit..maybe because she was into martial arts,but who cares?????the lady was so damn hot..