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Who is Mocha?

Margaux Uson, or more popularly known as Mocha was born and raised in Dagupan City. Her mom, who is a well-known doctor in the city, wanted her to be her successor. She took up a medical course in University of Sto. Tomas. But later on pursued her first love which is performing.

From a shy performer to a liberated one. A lot of people criticized her and labeled her group as lesbians when her photos kissing her bandmate got published in tabloids. However, she used the issue to her advantage and admitted afterward that she is bisexual. She next had a photoblog in Maxim men's magazine where she posted pictures of her wild adventures. When the magazine folded, she continued with her interesting/sizzling posts thru her own blog, http://mocha.com.ph.

She claims she's bisexual, but all i see in her blog and column then were her kissing women and other sexy pictorials. i have yet to see an intimate pic of her with a man. so if we polarize her bisexuality based on videos and pics, i'd say she's more into women! woot! woot! =D that makes me soo happy.

I wet just looking at her pics and reading her blog. Hayyyy... Since this is the last day of my vacation and before i go back to work, here's a treat for all of you beautiful people. Enjoy!

Warning: best to watch with your partner or a companion, a fan/aircon, a drink.

Part 1

Part 2

source: blog, dailymotion, mocha's  blog.


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what a tease hehehehe! - w1cked