Lesbians, Bisexuals, Denials in the Phils - part1

Here are the (rumored or out) lesbians/bisexuals in the Phillippines.

Aiza Seguerra - child superstar turned international acoustic star. she is a well accepted talented lesbian artist. in her latest movie, Agimat & Enteng Kabisote, there were several scenes implying her sexual preference and how everybody seems to be cool about it. a joke about chicken breast was made where she commented that breasts are yummier. hehe. naughty! and very nice! ;) did i mention she has a hot gf in the name of chen? :)

Aiza Marquez - was a child/teen star on tv that later turned sexy starlet. there was a rumor linking her to elaine crisostomo, where she purportedly got married with the latter 2009. elaine prior to that rumor got married in US to desiree del valle. aiza denied the rumor. and in return, i think the public denied her of stardom for after going sexy, she's no longer seen in mainstream projects. tsk.

Serena Dalrymple - used to be famous award-winning child star that retired 2004 and came back this 2010's filmfest. i read about the rumor of her being gay in a forum. maybe because she was sporting very short hair then, which is unheard of for a straight female celebrity in the Philippines. you know how cute child stars are as kids then not so cute anymore when they grow up? serena was smart enough to quit before that happened to her. and came back as full grown woman, leapfrogging the awkward stage.  latest i read in wikipedia is that she's now engaged to a man. so cheers to this fine child actress turned fine lady! :)


Gaby dela Merced - is a racecar driver, model and tv personality who joined the reality show, Pinoy Big Brother (PBB) celebrity edition. she has been rumored as lez like, all the time. and i saw her myself in an exclusive party. that says it all for me. and she hangs out with the coolest/sexiest chicks! me envious! and definitely starstruck :)

Pow Chavez -was a finalist in the Philippine Idol contest. they didn't really package her as feminine which is good. and Ryan Cayabyab even praised her vocal prowess. this is what i don't understand with us. why we need to ask for confirmation when truth is right before us. like pressing for a person to admit/deny they're gay. i think there was never a talk/issue of her sexual preference (none that i heard of anyway) which is great. she didn't capitalize on controversy only on pure talent. :) she now has a self-titled album and is engaged to a hot foreigner woman (based on FB info). :) let's support her and buy her album. you can also add her in FB :)

Jes Corcuera - is a finalist of GMA 7's artista search StarStruck. she was dubbed as the finalist with the prettiest face. she got a lot of votes because they said she is "unique". they tried pairing her to hetero love teams, and it feels iffy seeing it on screen. maybe because i know that she is an out lesbian and the boyish kind at that. gay or not, undoubtedly pretty! :) i can definitely fall in love with that face.

Aleck Bovick - is an award winning sexy star (yes, just one award that was laced with controversy) who joined the reality show Pinoy Big Brother (PBB) celebrity edition. she was rumored gay when she got too close with singer dj alvaro. she denied the lesbian angle and said they're just friends. she also accused dj as being overly possessive, thus ditching their "closeness". as replacement, aleck surrounded herself with lots of friends - food! i think she's now double the size. nothing to be jealous about anymore. tsk. tsk.

Kaye Cal - is the lead vocalist of Ezra Band which was a finalist in the Pilipinas Got Talent reality tv show. she sings songs sung by male artists so convincingly that people confused her as a man. she later on admitted that she's lesbian. a lesbian who won't be involved in a relationship with the same sex because she said that she's now trying to change due to her active involvement in church. duh.a lesbian who's not into same-sex relationship. whatta conundrum. she must be confused what with church and showbusiness combined, who wouldn't be? i hope she achieves enlightenment soon. we can join forces and deconfuse her anytime ;) 

to be continued...


rz fortajada said...

Nice one. :) Very informative. I've always been wondering about these things.

Also, Gaby dela Merced! The whole racing thing is so angas, but I've had a big crush on her since forever 'cause she's so pretty.

Anonymous said...

i've always wondered about gaby d. nalilito ako sa kanya...twisted.halo

firewomyn said...

@Rz - i love it that she's gay. win win to the lgbt world! :)

@Twisted.Halo - wag na maconfuse, ako na magcoconfirm. of course, people can change also :)

Anonymous said...

Pake confirm please, is charice a lez? Felt gaydar since With her