Lesbians, Bisexuals, Denials in the Phils - part4

proves to show that lesbians/bisexuals (rumored or not) has a diversity on its own, because of the wide sector of industry they belong to.

Lady D - first Pinay rapper who surfaced in the 90s. i dunno much about her. a decade after she was interviewed in a tv show looking one handsome butch. and no need for suspense, she admitted she's a lesbian. whoa! love her! cutestuff  :D

Joyce Bernal - a film and tv director. she's mostly surrounded by gay friends. no buzz at all about a boyfriend or that she dated any. just one day, she came out preggy and now a happy single mom. rumor has it that she's gay. well i for one think she has bigger balls than any men out there. so it would be dapper if she indeed is gay! =)

Jamby Madrigal - is a politician a senator and ex-presidential candidate. first off, nickname Jamby sounds  jomboy to me. haha. not to mention that she looks kinda boyish. she has a proclaimed hubby though. not that it matters these days. i mean look at arnel ignacio (married with 1 kid), jun encarnacion (married with 6 kids i think). her being a (rumored) closet gay has been the punchline for a lot of political jokes on her. so, nothing to add. :) 
Maribeth Bichara - is a popular dance choreographer in the 80s. she's last seen i think on the Pinoy Dream Academy (PDA) as one of the teachers then. she has voluptuous body and dances superbly, but gossip has it that she prefers a female partner. ;)

Eugene Domingo - she first caught my attention not from her comedy roles, but when she played a butch role in Maalaala Mo Kaya (MMK) at ABS-CBN. there she was the "father"  with yayo aguila as the femme partner. their child in that show was aiza sequerra where the twist is that aiza looks lesbian, but is not (at least in the role). eugene was so effective with it, you'd wonder, man! could she be? no bf of sorts, often with gay friends. and has been rumored lesbian. i think she can make any woman laugh, truly charming. not surprising if many ladies secretly swoon for her.

and lastly, save the best for lust, err, i mean last,

Mocha Uson - the first out celebrity bisexual, singer-cum-blogger-cum-advocacy enthusiast. this queen merits a separate blog post dedicated to her. so  i apologize for the cliffhanger, but details to follow soon. =)

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