January LABIA goes to ---

you still remember my crazy idea about LABIA (Lesbian And a Blogger Intl Awards)? well here's my first LABIA taste.

the January LABIA goes to ---  

she's a student in UP Manila, once nominated in the Blog Awards, writes very well and recently came out to her mom. huwaw! above all, she's a real cutie, so cute you'd wish she's single. hehe. if you read back posts, she has a gf of so many years. but as they say, even tectonic plates part ways. so there's always hope. hehe. *joke lang rz ha. pero pde mo ring seryosohin. hehehe ;)*

do check out her blog. you can also send LABIA nominations for the succeeding months. =)


Anonymous said...

oo she is cute.

too bad, she is too young for me. har-har-har

pero bagay sya sa isang kakilala ko.

oops. may gf na pala?

hands off! :D

rz fortajada said...

THANK YOU firewomyn! :D
I'm glad you're really doing this, and I am absolutely honored to be the first awardee. :)

Also, my ninja turtle picture makes me self-conscious. Hahah.

More power to the LABIA! (That sounds so...unique).

firewomyn said...

@borderlineunfriendly - hehehe. yes, hands off! :)

@RZ - oh but you look so good in your ninja turtle shades ;) do write some more as your LABIA is well desereved :) cheers!

Anonymous said...

oh yes rz is so cute. i wish she was single. i'm hoping for that day. jk.lol :))

peace rz. keep inspiring other people!

honestly, i'm one you your fans. :D