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A new friend told me the story of her friend X. X is into women, but somewhere along she thought she wanted a family with husband and kids. New friend tried her best to dissuade X from such foolishness, because she knows X so well. A kid after and several years of marriage with her hubby  X realized she's still into women. So X separated with hubby. I joked with new friend that maybe because X already got what she wanted with the man, which is a child of her own, that's why she wants to part ways. Haha. Of course twas just in jest. Relating to my own, I told myself I wouldn't be caught in such situation of indecision. Gay, straight, gay. But then I quickly chided myself for being judgemental. I mean we all are entitled to change our minds. Not just because we are women (being fickle-minded is a woman's birth right), but simply because we are human. We change, we learn. I won't consider it a mistake because at the time we make certain decisions, it is what is right for us. And then sometimes, later on, it doesn't feel as right anymore. Thus, we change, do/decide on something different. 

That is what is so amazing with life - change :) we may not be able to undo what's already been done, but we can always change, start over and march forward. Every second of our life is an opportunity to follow our heart and make things right. Doesn't that feel great? =) It's TGIF! Happy life everyone! :)

*blogged while standing inside a packed train. Good thing I at least have wiggle room to iPhone thumb my standing thoughts. Haha.*

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