Queen Vanessa

I am a fan of Wilhelmina Slater (Ugly Betty), ergo, i love Vanessa Williams. I know that she's a singer (from the Colors of the Wind - Pocahontas film), and i also learned that she's a stage actress, songwriter, and a beauty queen. I respect her talent, beauty and regal air. i've heard that she got dethroned because of some nude photos prior to winning. but days ago, i discovered that those photos were not racy at all. they were of girl-to-girl poses, tastefully done.

the said photos were done during her pre-pageant days when she was working as an assistant makeup artist then. the photographer wanted to try a new concept of silhouettes with two models (translation: lesbian poses). she was told these are for his private collection.

after vanessa won the miss america title, the photographer realized how he can make loads of money from his private collection by going public with it. he went selling it to playboy (who, with surprising class, turned it down bec it didn't have vanessa's permission) and penthouse (grabbed them, earned millions from it, as well as earning my deep disgust).

from the pressure of the pageant and public prejudice, vanessa, the victim here, resigned as miss america and became a top-grossing singer, multi-awarded/nominated artist/actress (stage and tv), host, endorser and more. she has proved a point. that she is bigger than the scandal, better than those who exploited her and the best, most successful miss america EVER.

uhm, yeah, tastefully. :D

a queen doesn't need a crown or title to be royalty. a true queen is one who's won battles, subdued enemies and gained the respect and admiration of the people. i have higher respect of her now than before. i love her more and for the strength with grace that she is. Hail the Queen! =)

we all have problems, challenges and our share of scandal or trouble that may seem insurmountable. be it at work or personal lives (i should know, i have lots of these). but take comfort and courage in the fact that it has been proven countless times -- it's not the end. we can survive it all and be triumphant against any adversity. =)  

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