Lesbians, Bisexuals, Denials in the Phils - part5

Contributions from the readers which i missed in my prior posts :)

the good, the bad, the bold, the old, the very old, and the who(?)

angel aquino - is a top model, tv host and actress who was rumored to be lesbian and was linked with rock star Barbie Almalbis. she used to go to elite exclusive parties along with her manager. this is what i can say, if i were straight, i'd go lesbian for her :)

barbie almalbis - is the former vocalists of Hungry Young Poets and Barbie's Cradle. she went solo in 2005. she's been rumored to have had a relationship with angel aquino. i for myself saw her in a coffee shop in makati years ago. inside the coffee shop were mostly lesbians (the boyish kind), while she was seated outside as her table-mates were in the act of doing a pray over to her. seriously. maybe they thought a bad spirit made her gay then. anyhoo, i heard that she straightened her ways after joining a christian religious group.tsk. tsk.

alma concepcion - ex-beauty queen turned sexy starlet. i heard from an ex that alma has a butch partner. i just dunno if they're still together.

ai-ai delas alas - is the top comedienne in the country. she has in several times insinuated (in the form of jokes) that she has a female partner and that she's gay. the rumored gf of ai-ai is direk malu sevilla of abs-cbn. there was an interview where she said she'll stop the relationship for her kids. but it seems it's where she's happiest and thus back with the said partner. maritess gutierrez is a good friend of hers too. as the saying goes, tell me who your friends are and i'll tell you who you are ;)

nora aunor - the one and only superstar of the philippines has had rumors of being gay since way back. she was first rumored about it with maritess gutierrez when they did a movie together, she also played lesbian lawyer in the film "T-bird at Ako", and now an unconfirmed report saying that she married her lesbian manager norie sayo in US where both are now citizens of the said country.

annie susano - ex-congresswoman of quezon city who was once rumored with maricel soriano. they were last seen together in the recent local election campaign. here's her 1x1 id picture from congress. hehe.


scout said...

annie and maricel? really? ngayon ko lang narinig yan. ano kaya nakita nii maricel sa kanya... from what i know of this congresswoman, i'm happy she lost in the last election.

Anonymous said...

also heard from someone n type din ni sosano a friend of mine said na yung asawa ni ace espinosa remember her? naging jowa din ni sosano and many other celeb girls n gusto mapamper ng rich t-bird nto. good thing yung friend ko d pumayag kc married n sya and have 2 kids already.

Anonymous said...

Alma does have a butch partner. Saw it on Facebook. They're still together.

Anonymous said...

I think about Alma is true.. Saw her with a butch and their body language did the talking i'd say.. Hehe