Shut Up and Kiss my V

ok. i'll just let it out. i am guilty as charged for not posting that much anymore. am pretty. SORRY :( more pressing personal issues (read: non-kalandian, less interesting stuff) have been invading my life. but then sometimes, too interesting stuff happen that is just impossible to dismiss! and it's twice the excitement. nope, am not talking about the duopoly that is yet to unfold, of PLDT merging with Digitel (creator of the mother of all unlimited, Sun. *geez, haba ng intro!) versus Globe. something cooler! it's a back to back exclusive party for women on Friday-Saturday, June 3-4. 

click the image for a larger version & the party details

V Party *June 3* - the poster looks sophisticated. there's no mention of the organizer, so kinda makes you feel it's elite in a covert kind of way. this strategy is a definite come on! ;) nice. :D am curious about the verbiage though. why the need to specify "straight, lesbians, gays". what about the transgenders (which many butch are i think), the transsexuals. am also itty bitty teeny weeny iffy on the part about "what the boys will never know". i mean why the need to put "boys" in the first place? for contrast? for irony? i can't really be so sure, but i think it's the first time i've seen a poster for an exclusive party for women that used "boys" in the text.

click the image for a larger version & the party details

Shut Up & Kiss Me *June 4* - if i were one of the organizers of this party, i'd title it, "Shut the fuck up & fuck me!". "shut up and kiss me" is too cliche for me and seems too tame for my taste. when you say party, you picture, something wild, hot. and let's be honest here baby, we want something that screams sex. it's the time of the month (err, not your period honey) that you want to unleash all your pent up lesbian energy and juices to, well, other women. hehe. yum! i am soo liking the imagery from what i've been writing. anyhoo, i also found out that the poster was plagiarized/copied (what do you call a copied poster?) from this poster. hindi naman siguro taga-ateneo or from DOTC ang gumawa ng poster no? not really a huge deal, but medyo nakakabawas lang ng appeal for me.


again, this is just me. as they often say, the testing of the pu** is in the eating. wahahaha! so Shut Up and Kiss my V. let's go have some wild party this Friday, Saturday. i think i'll prefer the V party this time since i've already been to the party organized by the same group in Shut Up.

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rz fortajada said...

I've never been to an exclusive party. Makes me want to try. :))