there's been this hullaballoo about the Vancouver kissing couple.

from another angle something else happened to them.

from "make love not war" caption to "oh shoot! am hurt, somebody help me!". the truth is, reality has a multitude of angles that translates to various meanings/perceptions for the onlookers. we are multi-faceted beings and a multi-million one if you're a woman and gay. a kaleidoscope of complexity for those who don't understand or choose to misunderstand/misinterpret. so to confine sexuality to just man and woman straight is you have to admit, absurd and unrealistic oversimplification. unless you're catholic (devout). haha. so instead of focusing on the body, which is man, woman and surgically/cosmetically altered (where no one will win debate-wise), let's shift our lenses to what's more universal - state/feelings. in/love and otherwise. wow, that just made me feel a ton load lighter and makeover better. =)

in love



**photos from livelaughlovelesbians**


Purple said...

love the photos. =)

firewomyn said...

@purple - i know! happiness and passion abound. :)

Kaye said...

Hey! I love it!!!! :)

firewomyn said...

@Kaye - hey, i love you too! este, i love it too. haha. do i know you from downe? :)