smile if you're gay :)

i realized that no work is worth getting sick for. so after the mad slash of typhoon yesterday (which deemed any umbrella pointless), i decided to take the morning day off and have complete rest. yey!

so here's something to make us smile/laugh on this gloomy day.
some of the entries in yesterday's The Morning Rush (TMR) at RX. 

Topic: 3 batches of the Top 10 Love advice for gay people
batch 1
  1.  Stop calling yourself a victim if you keep putting yourself in the same situation
  1.  Be extra careful. Don't bring home people you just had EB with
  1.  Your love is stronger than other people's hate
  1.  When things get hard, learn to bend and take it like a man.
  1.  Hindi ka babae, so wag ka mag-inarte. Wag ka maghintay na ligawan.
  1.  Mag-ingat sa mga lalaking mahilig magtext kapag 15th and 30th
  1.  Ang pag-ibig hindi nabibili
  1.  Being gay is not your problem, it's theirs.
  1.  Know your "bunk bed preferences. You wouldn’t want to spend so much time and money doing the dating dance only to be disappointed when you find out you're both...
  1.  Just because you're both guys/girls doesn’t mean you're allowed to be polygamous.
batch 2
  1.  Wag ipagpalit ang pamilya sa lalaki, they are the ones who won't leave you.
  2.  Straight relationships have their ups and down. Gay relationships have their tops and bottoms.
  1.  Ang mga eskinita, bath houses, lumang sinehan sa recto, not places you look for love in.
  1.  Cucumbers are for salad.
  1.  Gaydars make mistakes. Hind lahat ng lalaki bading. Minsan, that's just your bitterness talking
  1.  Wag makuntento sa online relationship malamang, fake yung shirtless profile pic nya
  1.  Ingatan ang backdoor  mo. Hindi yung kung sino sino ang pinapapasok m o
  1.  Kung gustong lumandi, tiisin ang hapdi … ng heartbreak.
  1.  Wag garapal sa gym or sa spa. Turn off ang desperation.
  1.  When it comes to straight men, iba ang pumapatol sa nagmamahal. 

batch 3

  1. a. Kapag napapadalas ang hingi nya ng load, malamang hindi yan true love.

        b.Just because a hot guy gives you his number, doesn’t mean he likes you.    
           Sometimes, it means he needs load

        c. Don’t look for men who will add to your financial woes. Find a partner who 
            will share them.

  1. Love is like elections, choose wisely.

  1. If you want kids, buy Chihuahuas

  1. Not all straight men can be bent.

  1. Wag kang masyadong choosy, ikaw, papasa ka ba sa yo?

  1. if your partner can't take the heat, find somebody who can

  1. try and try because tomorrow is another guy

  1. when in doubt pull it out! *lmao on this one*

  1. if it is a pain in the butt you are doing it wrong *hilarious*

  1. hindi porke malaki e astig

  1. dont get into porkchop-ketchup relationship, sa lalaki ang porkchop sa bading ang ketchup – meaning daw nito e not fair relationship. Good things (porkchop) e sa guy lagi, tira-tira (ketchup) sa gay.

DJ Delamar’s
find someone who appreciates you for all that you are
find someone who loves all of you so you’ll feel good in the relationship
find someone who loves you all the way *spot on!*

DJ Chico’s
don't let anyone make you think you don't deserve love

you can download the full radio segment of the top 10 here:

http://goo.gl/8hpF9 OR http://www.mediafire.com/?gpi4er47c2gfejl

all TMR Top Ten can be downloaded from here

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