Train Crush 18

because it's long overdue. because it's rainy season. and simply because you asked for it. :)

Train Crush 18

know what? you were not an instant crush. 
i dunno, there's something about you. 
you kinda grew on me right before my eyes.

i know amid the big frown of yours is 
a big, uh, temper? i hope not. 
i wouldn't want to earn your ire, 
only your desire. hehe. 
(shucks, melted cheesy! haha.)
but sincerely, i desire to know you.
the big ideas that will form and enchant me 
the moment you open your 
mouthwatering luscious red lips. 
while i wait with parted lips 
and dry throat in suspension 
to your slightest movement. 

what is it with you really? 
the big pout? 
the big round eyes? 
no, something else. 
how could have i missed it! 
stupid me! 
the big toned arm of yours 
that only befits in a tight hug 
with my body.
waiting to be crushed
in euphoric mix of pain and pleasure
that will leave me breathless
and yet exalted.

**hay, biglang uminet!*


Anonymous said...

hahhaha hinubaran mo na yata crush mo e.. really naughty! :p -w1cked

clyte said...

oh the big uhmmmm.. arms? hehe!

firewomyn said...

@w1cked - anong hinubaran ka dyan! kita mo naman, balot na balot, pati ang mga salita ko sa kanya, pigil na pigil. :) miss you girl!

@clyte - i know right? :) sucker for big ... arms! hehe

Anonymous said...

crush ko na rin sya. :p- g

Purple said...

Bakit nakasimangot sya??? Turn off.

kitkat said...

hhmm sino sya?? hehehe na amaza naman ako sa mga pic

kitkat said...

hehehe firewomyn!!!! ang tindi mo