Wet and Dry Market of Things

Dry land finally! I think it is safe to come out of Noah's ark now. Hehe. While twas in the middle of nonstop downpour, I joked to a friend that if Noah will again take two of each kind, I hope we'll be in the lez/femme category. You simply can't start the new world without our kind! ;)


I missed my toes. I haven't seen them in like three days because am always on hosiery, socks and closed shoes. Feels liberating to be on bare feet and wearing sandals again! Yey!  :) 

after the rain, cold, gloom and layer after layer of thick clothing, streets are looking clean again. Feels refreshing to the eyes. I mean, I stayed the ark, err I mean the house most of the time. I left the street looking muddy, puddly, icky. And now, a long span of dry, clean cemented road on a bright day sans the sun's scorch. Wow! Talk about transformation! Or as my gay friend would say, makeover honey. :D

I think it is only apt to say that contrary to popular belief of calm before the storm,  the calm is after the storm (or low pressure area for that matter. Hehe). Or maybe it's a calm-storm-calm threesome. Now that sounds better. Hehe. 

So no matter how dirty, muddy, icky we are feeling,  we can just ride the wave of the storm or flood, hit the laundry next, clean up our act and wear our better selves after. This is simply nature doing its chore. =)

Good morning beautiful people! I love you all! :)


Anonymous said...

ayos!! everybody loves you too!-g

firewomyn said...

@g - thank you! :)