Doesn't make sense

For the life of me why do people want to listen first thing in the morning of killings, abuse, crime?
Does it perk them up better than coffee? Does it make them appreciate and value life more? Why does the 'esteemed' broadcasters like ted failon, noli de castro, mike enriquez, Arnold clavio still venture into sensationalism? Isn't it ironic that the more they sensationalise, the more we get desensitised from the hair tips down to our toes?

I so hate it that I have to endure my colorum ride of 1.5-2 hrs being blasted with nega vibes from the radio. The only recourse is to earplug with fear of damaging my eardrums to mask the loud negatunes.

This is one of the perks of having your own vehicle which I hope to have in the near future. As preparation, will have driving lesson this December. yey!

So I guess tiis for now. :)

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