Waiting for a jeep (because there's bus strike), I saw a burly man with his tummy fitted soiled shirt, a hint of smile on his fatty eyes (yes, he is ewwy obese), walk lightheartedly towards a frail looking man, and whacked the poor unknowing guy on the back of his head numerous times. The bystander man was mutely shocked at what happened and just looked at his aggressor. He was rubbing his head to probably ease the pain (while still looking bewildered) when blood flowed generously from his forehead. The confused guy, just walked away, holding his bleeding head.

The fat, mean guy on the otherhand just walked inside some street with stores as if he's good deed is done.

I was bothered by this. What's more concerning is that people around (there are a lot) just watched. For my sense of justice, i need to understand what happened. I asked a few guys near the scene on why the fat man hit the thin guy. And they all said they don't know. Well, maybe watching is enough for them. So I sought for some form of authority and saw an MMDA man (who looked as clueless as me with traffic signs) and recounted the crime. He was reluctant to move but because I was dressed corporate, I think he was forced to imitate action and asked around. I was looking at him, waiting for the result of his investigation. He looked back and mouthed "snatcher" as if that explains everything.

Putangina! So anybody can just whack anybody?! With the justification that it's an assumed bad person?! That's twisted and scary.

Sometimes I wonder if we, as a civilization has progressed at all or degressed. Or maybe that's how they interpreted back to the basics. Hayyyy. Hindi ako ang natubo, pero sumakit ang ulo ko.

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