Kristen I love

i've never seen any of the Twilight franchise, nor read them. but i've seen Kristen Stewart this year in two movies, without her bra on, in her thongs, kissing a girl, her bun showing, said pussy, cooter & fuck as often as people say "hi" in email.

Twilight catapulted her to stardom and I guess its success afforded her to risk on small budget, quality films. so in that sense i don't think she's a sell out. but i will still not watch nor read Twilight, same with Harry Potter. although i think i did once on spousal duty.

what most Twilight disciples don't know about Kristen is that she's a very flexible actress. and maybe out of rebellion or contrast on the Bella corset she's been fitted in, the other roles she had were hard core aggressive. she's been a tomboy kid, a tomboy looking diabetic kid, a lesbian rock star, and a stripper. you can see the progression. hehe. for the last two roles, she rarely wore bra. am not complaining really, specially when they showed her wonderful behind several times in Welcome to the Rileys (it's available in most pirated DVD stores/bangketa). she's the cutest stripper i've seen when she wore that panty with smiley at the back.

so i think not being a frothing fan of Twilight made me appreciate her more and would want to know her more.

i dunno with you, but i strongly sense this girl-to-girl vibe with her. if i'd make a list of women i wish were gay, she'd probably be in my top 10.=) As proof am not making these up as anti-Twilight campaign, here are her top un-Bella pics.

*i've seen The Runaways this August, Welcome to the Rileys last night and the Twilight: Breaking Dawn posters last Friday*

in The Safety of Objects (2001) as a tomboy kid

in Panic Room (2002), 
as the diabetic, tomboy-looking daughter 
of forever rumored gay, Jodie Foster

lesbian mom with tomboy daughter. very nice no?:)

cool mom-daughter pair!

mygosh, even cooler mom-daughter pair 
who can even pass up as lovers!

in The Runaways as rock star Joan Jett (lesbian)

no bra and in her undies

still no bra
yes, still no bra

with the real Joan Jett

in Welcome to the Rileys (2010) as a teenage stripper

molten hot in her g-string

uber cute in her cute panty!

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