Pride March 2011 short film

no speaker at home, so i was only able to watch and not listen to the video. nonetheless, mejo nagets ko naman ang message.hehe. so saka na ang aking opinyon/comment pag napakinggan ko na. hehe.ok,wala naman pala dialogue.haha. but the song is nice. mejo madrama ng konti, pero it's fun not because one is gay, but simply because you are who you are. pride march is a celebration of identity, of honesty, of community.

from youtube comment:
Song used is Tornado by Jónsi. The edit, the coloring was inspired by this song. You grow, you roar Although disguised I know you You'll learn to know You grow, you grow like tornado You grow from the inside Destroy everything through Destroy from the inside Erupt like volcano You flow through the inside You kill everything through You kill from the inside You'll... You'll learn to know I wonder if I'm allowed just ever to be

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Anonymous said...

naks, i'm so gonna be there (in spirit), because I'm out (on official business). bad timing hahaha. happy marcha!