headache is my kryptonite. all the things i love to do i can't do if i have headache - read books, write anything, watch a movie, workout, make kwento, stare at beautiful people. even the thing i hate to do i can't do! like work. hehe. so since it feels soo wonderful to be free to do the things i love to do, i thought of celebrating by buying a new book!(even though i still have books i haven't read yet). like sana haruki murokami's kafka on the shore book is available already by now. it's been sold out forever.

checking my purse, it hit me that i don't have the funds for a new book. ouch!

but i don't want to be the source of negativity here. i still have books i can read and pirated dvds i can watch. celebration must go on! budget or not! =)

you can also donate books to me or we can swap books. :)

i read from a friend's about mood shifting. because i get affected by feelings, being an emotional wreck that i am, i need to acknowledge that feeling then break up with it as soon as i can, specific to the not-so-good ones.

some stuff about books.
  • i am a huge fan of jeffrey archer ever since "the prodigal daughter"  even after his hiring a prostitute scandal.
  • the book "if you see buddha on the road, kill him" profoundly affected me.
  • "siddharta" which i borrowed from my best friend when we were in college, which he got in booksale, helped me justify mistakes/lessons in personal journey.
  • i have just read the book "to kill a mockingbird" this august.
  • i also recently bought j.d. salinger's "catcher in the rye" and haven't gone past page 10.
  • have only read one ayn rand book, "the fountainhead" this year and gave my copy to a friend.
  • met a friend from this blog and for our first meet up, we exchanged books with lez-theme. she also gave me this cool metal engraved bookmark :)
  • "letters to a young poet" is one of my precious booksale finds at P30. i lent my copy to a friend who was broken-hearted then and she said it saved her. i so love the book that i gave it as a gift to a friend which costs almost P500 when i bought it at natl bookstore.
  • the first book i ever owned was a slim pocket dictionary from my mom as gift to my bday
  • the first gay book i read was "cubao 1980" for a book review. i bought my own copy but gave it as gift to a gay ofcmate (i was still straight then). now the book is not available anymore. :(
  • the first management book i read was "first, break all the rules."
  • the first book i bought online was a project management book for my certification review
  • i so want to buy compilation books of palanca winners. maybe someday


sino pa? said...

Booksale pala ha. Differences aside, I can't deny my father's legacy. His company really has a following!

tomato cafe said...

1. i think frail little kids should be cautioned before letting them read ayn rand. :p

2. with a little persistence, you will get kafka on the shore. (I had to wait for an italo calvino book for about 3 months until fullybooked texted)

3. and because you've read tony perez, methinks you are a long lost sister. hahahahahahahaha

Anonymous said...

Women who read are sexy. rawr. hehe. I'd love to exchange books with you but since I bought myself a Kindle months ago, most of what I own now are e-books.

Anonymous said...

i have short stories by murakami.. i don't feel like reading it anymore.(actually, didn't even finish the book).when we see each other, i'll give it to you..ohh and i have the palanca collection, remind me to lend it also..twistedhalo

firewomyn said...

@Sino pa- hongano! isa ka nga palang booksale heiress. hehe. kami na nila ralph and loi ang mga avid followers ng booksale =)

@tcf - on #1 - true! nascandalize ako sa rape scene! i like the concepts, pero may tendency to be verbose. on #2 putek! pahingi naman ng persistence.hehe. maybe it's universe way of telling me to read my existing books first before getting another one. hehe. on #3 ohmygawd! shofatid! you also read tony perez? i did stop when he turned to the kulam series. pahiram naman ng non-kulam tony perez mo. he had stage plays shown recently ah. seen them?

@Anonymous - chochal! kindle! i personally love paper form. the texture and the smell. i guess am old school that way. :) unless you want to share your kindle? hehe.

@twistedhalo - wow! fairylezmother! you are so bait! thank you! :) we should see each other soon then! hehe. am soo happy! :)

SPLICE said...

have only read one ayn rand book, "the fountainhead" this year and gave my copy to a friend.

Ditto with the one Ayn Rand. The Fountainhead gave me a headache. I think it's not only a book --- it's a tome!

i so want to buy compilation books of palanca winners. maybe someday

The only ones I've seen are the compilations for the winning short stories [80s] and poems [90s]. Hala, you have to hurry! I think copies have already run out.

firewomyn said...

@splice - haha. and it has a film version where the ending was narrated in verbatim, the ending speech in the court. i think ayn rand and lav diaz shd be friends. hehehe.

palanca - darn! but i think it won't run out. i don't see many people checking it out. but would be really good to acquire for personal collection and pleasure :)

rz fortajada said...

I'm not proud of it, but most books I read lately are downloaded ebooks. I just can't afford any new ones. :P

I justify my piracy by promising to buy copies of those books some time in the future :))