Bus crush?

i rarely ride the bus because i get dizzy with the frequent and sudden stops in bus rides. not to mention the risk of holdups and sitting beside snatchers.

but on this fateful hot afternoon day, when no cab is in sight and am running late for my dental appointment, i rode the bus. the ordinary bus ride turned extraordinary when a hot girl sat beside me.

muntik na kong mabulag sa pagkasilaw sa maputi at makinis na legs na yan. i thank heaven for the invention of indecently short shorts. pure genius! ansarap padaanan ng daliri, ng palad, at err, ng dila. hahaha! one to two inches further and abot na siguro ang langit. hay, ang init tuloy kahit aircon naman ang bus!

sana ako na lang ang naka-rolyong bond paper na nakaipit sa legs nya. haaayyyy. ineeeet!


_yle said...

You are funny. :))

firewomyn said...

@_yle - thanks. and you're sweet. :)

Anonymous said...

hahaha ang manyak! aylavet! nakakainit naman talaga ng pakiramdam yan. post ka pa ng mga pics ng hot chicks, pareho tayo ng taste sa mga babae. we're soooo gay!

-hot_femme (Anonymous)

firewomyn said...

@hot_femme - nice of you to drop by and pagsigawan na manyak ako! hehe. hot chicks show up by chance. they're scarcity make them elite. the same way hot femmes, comment by chance in this blog. ;)

Anonymous said...

This is funny :). I wonder how you take these pictures without being nahahalata? hmmm that's one skill I think I need to learn.

By the way, you don't know me and I just know you by what you write here in your blog. Firewomyn, you aare femme right? and I understand you're into femme too? :)


firewomyn said...

@-you-prolly-dont-know-me - good morning! :) i think it's helpful that i commute, so i have more inspirations/frustrations. then iphone's built-in camera is soo cool too. one trick i think is putting a disconnect to your facial expression and with what you're doing. that's how to confuse people. ;) to answer your questions, yes.