dropped by to a mall on my way home. passed by a book store, scanned the book displayed outside. harry potter, twilight, a cook book, a knitting book, astrology, it's in her kiss, sports book. wait, did i see it right? went back and looked again. "it's in her kiss" with two young women as cover. hmmm... took a pic and googled it. i also checked wiki on lesbian writers and to my surprise, there's 277 in the list! wow! i will research further on this and post some more.

for now, let me just say that it's in her kiss that i

- have felt the animal kingdom (butterflies and more),
- have gone illegal (fireworks, explosions galore),
- defied gravity (floated on air)
- got feverish (believe me, it's smokin' hot!)
- transformed (from solid to liquid because i melted. cheesy! wehehe)

- believed magic (no tricks involved)

- and it's in her kiss that i got horny. lol!

good night to all! :)


Publisher Comments:
This fast-paced, outrageous new novel takes a look behind the scenes of a lesbian TV network, where there's more drama, comedy, and romance than prime time ever delivers.

C.J. Jansen, who works at a fledgling lesbian cable network run by her ex-lover, Debbe Lee, is attracted to Maria Hernandez, her top writer, and when Debbie takes credit for their work, C.J. and Maria conspire to take over the network.

more details here: Description



ga said...

sana meron sa nb dito :)

firewomyn said...

@Ga - sana nga :) good luck!