Train Crush4 & 5

because am catching up on blog posts (my apologies for that), i'm posting two train crushes! yey! :D

Train Crush #4 - mrt sighting
this is bringing sexy back ;) so puti and kinis (fair and smooth-looking) the legs. i like the fact that she's not too feminine, more like a sporty kind of cool gal. her cap and bag are of the same color, well coordinated. i've seen her face when she alighted and i have my memory as proof - totally cuteness! did i already tell you that cuteness is next to hotness? :D hihihi.

^^si ateng naka-checkered sumisilip.

^^si ateng naka-red naman naka-pose, parang gusto masama sa train crush list ko ah. hehe.

^^from nape to legs, yummy all over. kilig!

Train Crush #5 - Carla Abellana semblance
from sporty, we go to femmy! =) the afternoon heat was unbelievable at the time i was in the train. i was sweating all over and an ugly sight of haggardness. but this womyn in pink, was the embodiment of freshness. it was like pink roses suddenly bloomed and pink wind brushed my eyes. sigh. =) i felt that she noticed my shoots, so had to stop as i don't want to get her pink ire. hehe.

^^obviously, she's the only thing good in that side of the train. just look at the ordinary people surrounding her and you'll know what i mean.


ga said...

sa susunod magjejeep na ako :) para may makita akong ganyan. *kiligs

firewomyn said...

@Ga - challenging magshoot sa jeep ha. good luck! ;) lagi ka ba naka-cab/car? there's beauty in public commuting after all. =)

ga said...

looks like mahirap kumuha in a jeep hehe masyadong obvious. goodluck na lang.

Anonymous said...

minsan nag lrt ako..overheard 2 women comparing sogo hotel and victoria court..within hearing of everybody..ahaha.. happy naman mag commute, i just wish i have the same powers as yours sa pagkuha ng mag pics..twistedhalo.. o see at least ako lang ang anonymous na may pangaln..di ka na malilito..

firewomyn said...

@TwistedHalo - share mo naman ang comparison notes nila. hehe. happy and haggard magcommute kaya inaaliw ko na lang sarili ko. swerte lang talaga ako paminsan minsan. and thanks for the alias! helps a lot. :D