ohmyfreakingawd. it's been raining in global warming summer. it's official. we're all hot... and wet! yayayay!

i know it defies the laws of thermodynamics, but i just want sweat oiled naked skin making friction with mine at this very moment. with the heat surrounding me and the inferno you build in me, it won't be long before i experience instantaneous combustion. well, entirely not my fault. blame the moody weather who can't make up its mind if it wants to be summer all the way or do a premature rainy season. blah!

i'm just sitting in front of the machine, headphones locked, legs apart, little bit breathless. maybe i'm delusional. but i'm seeing you a few feet away from me, naked, naked thirsty, crawling, ever so slowly, towards me, while i'm legs apart, half slouching. now i'm thirsty too. soo thristy i'm starting to salivate. more breathless than earlier.

would you want to drink the fire springing from me now? sip me dry if you please and devour whatever is left of me i beg you. because if you won't, i'll fuck the daylights out of you, like a crazed animal that knows no need than now.


Anonymous said...

i do dirty talks to my gf. i wish i can talk like you - sophisticated dirty talk :D

-the anonymous

firewomyn said...

@The Anonymous - i can teach you. wehehe.

Anonymous said...


firewomyn said...

@Anonymous - your one word comment is a mouthful ;) thanks!