what is it with trains and women going bonkers? i mean the moment the doors open, the mad rush of people squeezing themselves in like it's Noah's ark to salvation. it truly feels that, do or die stance. all women, regardless of outfit, of age, of built, of educational attainment, of height, all wrestle their right to be inside the train. no matter in what condition, be it contorted, disfigured, deformed, harassed, nabbed, just to be able to make it inside the train before the door closes. never mind if portion of their body or clothing is hanging outside the train (hair, arm, bag, etc) because only part of them got in. this is incredulous bordering funny. laugh or die. seriously.

i've witnessed it all. women's survival instinct in action, at its finest. of course the winners are those who are able to sit amid the stampede.

women garbed in work attires, in split second, transform to merciless amazons when a boarding train comes near. it's automatic craziness. hey, i like that imagery, a tribe of amazon women, mud-face painted, wearing flimsy jungle stuff that barely covers their well-toned, sweat-oiled bodies, armed with spears, sticks, knives and warfare skills, all in anticipation of the train. and when the train comes, all making sugod to the door that slowly opens, with eyes that shout "Attaaaaccckkkk!!!!!".

okay. i got carried away. haha. am your modern day amasona, and i proudly belong to that tribe. in fairness, never pa ko nadapa and i mostly am able to sit. hehe. so yeah, am your modern day mayabang na amasona. lol.

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