Train Crush6

As usual, I slept in my train ride, not having enough sleep for weeks. Two stations away to my stop, I suddenly woke up, like some form of body clock. The first thing I saw when I opened my eyes, is a black neck tie. Having just woken up, I got disoriented. Last thing I remember was I'm seated on the women's side of the train. What the?! Where am I?! Lifting my gaze higher to the face where the neck tie was attached to, was a comforting assurance that I'm still in the women's side (and they didn't go coed while I was drowsing). Hehe.

This made me smile. Some Japanese/Korean/Chinese school girl in neck tie. Just neat. =) Would have been more awesome if there's also a skimpy skirt, like the ones fashioned in Anime (c'mon, admit it, we all drool at Anime school girls, what with those micro-mini skirts they guise as school skirts?! :D) but nice still. My bonus is that there's a peep of black bra underneath the shirt. The tease is enough to make me fully awake (imagining school girl erotica, getting whipped by a black neck tie, or tied to the bed by it or even blindfolded by it, whew! possibilites are endless!) in time for my stop. I hurriedly took her pic and left, wishing to some Japanese/Korean/Chinese deity that she'd be in the same stop too. I looked back and didn't see her in the throng of ugliness. maybe next time.

note: with all due respect to the cute school girl below, just want to be clear, the object of my fantasies is the neck tie (well, plus the underwear, and the skirt too), not the girl. i just used the incident as springboard to my imagination. hope she's not discomforted by this.

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