canned thoughts

i have a hot date (supposedly).
we're gonna watch a for adults only musical, "cabaret".
the mere fact that it's "for adults only" convinced me already that this is something i shd not miss.
after days of anticipation, yoyong happened.
much to my dismay, nature decided to intervene w/ my shag opportunity.
just tryin to make it to the curtain call is a very difficult task already.
because all roads seem to lead home. traffic is terrible.
we called music museum if they're gonna cancel/resched the show.
hardheaded bitches, they won't. true to form, the show will go on.
darn! i have to think!
my creative mind started churnin'.
hmmm... okay so we can brave the rains and all, watch cabaret still, by the time it's done, typhoon is in its simulated state, we'll be soakin' wet (umbrellas are no match to the strong winds), wet clothes huggin' our wet bodies, stranded in the middle of somewhere (traffic, debris, the works) and simply can't go home.
hah! a window of opportunity suddenly opened!
since it will be next to impossible to go home, we will have no choice but to spend the time sumwer, uhh, as we wait for the storm to subside, uhh, where we can spend the night, uhh, sumwer warm, uhh, sumwer private, uhh, sumwer where we can remove our wet clothes, ofcourse to let them and our bodies dry lest we get sick or sumthin'. that sumwer is shhhh...

ahah! not all roads lead to home afterall! bwehehe.

bed weather indeed.

***humming, im singin' in da rain...


riddler said...

and then????? ahehehe.. man, i've never enjoy reading someone's blog this much for the longest time...

red_door8 said...

hehe.. and i haven't stepped on a place where there are shhh signs and apple signs as well. but i went to the rock awards thursday last week.. hehe..
saw aubrey miles, reema changco and others there.. :)