dis is da day when everything chooses to be wrong.
when i just feel all messed up.
not just my hair, my clothes, but my life in general.
i wake up with a freakin headache and im late.
mrt had its fits and gave up running halfway d journey.
so im not just late for work, im now dead!

mind bubble:

scene1, the helpless slave:
*boss shoutin at me before i can even muster an excuse,*
you're fireeeed!!! *and throws my box to my face! gee, such drama*

scene2, the proud slave:
*hands on boss' table, demanding stance.*
can you do us both a favor and just fire me??

scene3, the creative slave:
*sneaks to the table so d boss won't notice and when d boss finally notices, fakes a faint or a tuberculosis cough then softly speaks:*
i'm really not feelin' well, *coughs again* but since there's loads of work to do, *another coughs again, voice becomes raspy* i just decided to go to work and do what i can. *w/ almost teary-eyed and slight shiver* is there something you want to ask me sir?

scene4, the bitchy slave:
*goes straight to the table, quickly puts on the headphones, blasts the music w/ deafening volume, and starts workin'. boss goes to d table and blabbers, w/ mouth frothing. i suddenly notices him and slowly removes the headphones and asks w/ an impatient look*
yes? can you be quick, im tryin' to work here.

bubble pops!
back to reality.
if i don't get to post anymore, that means my boss killed me already.

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