starbucks @ midnight

what is the taste of loneliness?
it's the blandness of hot choco that got cold of waiting.
the unfinished banana bread that lost its appeal after just a few bites.

what is the look of loneliness?
it is the empty seat beside where you're seated from.

what is the sound of loneliness?
the deafening silence in your head that gets drowned by everybody's noisy chatter.

what is the feel of loneliness?
the hollow feeling of your heart when you give it a tug. And the need to poke at it just so you can feel it throb.
it is the muscle ache at your back whose caress will only come from your own hands.
the headache that will only be soothed by the clinical effect of advil.

what is the face of loneliness?
tears flowing freely, bec no one will dry them w/ soft kisses & whispers of assurance.
an upward twitch of the lips poorly imitating a smile that doesn't quite reach the eyes, much more touch thy soul.

it is me, staring back at the stranger from my own reflection.


Pussy Lover said...

hay nako, yang loneliness na yan peste talaga bwahihi sheesh, pero when you really think abt it, its HOW you deal with your loneliness that matters kasi merong iba, pag lonely ang solution eh drugs at alcohol. Meron naman iba sex, and some others, foodtrip leading to gluttony lol. Kanya-kanyang way ng pangtangal ng lintik na loneliness na yan. I just hope that whenever loneliness strikes, we don't resort to things we will regret later on, instead channel our loneliness into positive action(like sports, dancing and hell yeah, friendly dates:D)

firewomyn said...

frendly dates pala ha :D sigh. tnx for dissuading me na mapariwara :D hehehe. although, if ur that lonely, 'won't matter anymore. existential kicks would sometimes do. ohwell.

red_door8 said...

ako muntik na akong mapariwara dati.. salamat talaga kay Kuya Jess.. walang problemang binibigay sa atin na di natin kayang lampasan.. naks.. :)

firewomyn said...

amen to that! :)

death screams happiness said...

loneliness. i am lonely but why do i feel that i am not? i am lonely but why do i feel that i dont need anybody? ewan ko ba. basta nag comment lng ako for a very well said blog post. i love evrything in this blog. peace out.