poWer of a Womyn's Wink!

just saw the hottest chick at mrt ayala!
So tall, prolly around 5'8-5'10, a stunner, w/ that hip-grunge look.
she was wearin a cream scarf on her neck, then a very loose sleeveless v-neck brown tee paired w/ knee-length navy blue shorts and sneakers.
seems like a mix of caucasian and asian blood.
we were side by side buying breakfast meals at an OutBox stall. the service crews were ogling, including me! good thing i was also lookin hip that time.
she speaks in cute tagalog as she pays the drink from her pink hello kitty wallet. what a doll. hehe.
but before she left, she gave me this sexy wink!
Tangina! Gusto ko na shang habulin. But my food isn’t ready yet.
2 primal needs competing: hunger (for food) & hunger (for her).
Wat do I do?! I already paid for the food. Hunger and practicality won over. Dammit!
I hope to see her again.

Remember what are moms tell, us to eat breakfast before we leave the house? there's definite wisdom in that!


bosley said...

sayang! :P

red_door8 said...

dapat hinabol mo. hehe. :p