a day in my lyf

andaming pdeng mangyari sa isang araw.
sa isang araw ng buhay ko,
mga ilang oras yata akong masaya at maghapong pissed off.

una kasi mejo mahaba ang tulog ko, so magaan pakiramdam ko.
then i look good today & for once, im in no rush or sumthin like that.
also during our mancom, maayos naman lahat.
meaning, nde ako nasermonan, nde ako ang sentro ng usapan at isyu, saling pusa lang.
ansaya naman :)

nakapagkwentuhan pa kme ng boss ko.
we shared our frustrations and we had empathy.
i accomplished a lot of little stuffs today (err, im not sure if they're counted, but what the heck! it still feels good to have finished something!)

this is starting to be an unusual day.
true to form, my day is not my day if it aint got the heat!
so come after lunch, one shit after another started flooding in.

first i got some crap from a guy who just feels not workin' today w/ a reason that he's finished his task the other day.
whattafuck kind of thinkin is that?!
first, sinong dyos ang nagsabi sa kanya na tapos na sya?!
e sino ba ang nagchecheckoff?! duh?!
and also, so what kung tapos ka na?! madaming projects ang naghihintay!
he has this artificial sense of what 'done' means.
typical developer mentality. give me a break!
e kung tapusin ko kaya ang buhay nya dito sa opisinang to?!
nde ko alam kung bobo sha or nagtatanga-tangahan lng sha.

and as if that wasn't enough, da guy had da gall (if it's not that then he is simply stupid!) to missend a text to me w/ a nasty reference to me. as in putangina!
pero after a few breaths and quick thinkin, sensibility took over sense.
im not bothered at all by that, afterall, it is not as if, we can't move on w/o him.
if he feels that way, well, i have news for him: No One Is Indispensable!
removing one rotten apple from the lot aint a bad idea afterall.

then another guy, just went crazy and threatened me bec of some error in his paycheck (w/c im entirely not involved in). what's happenin?! geez!
cant he just verify first if his accusations were valid? i mean, give me some slack here.
it's not as if he didnt have his share of errs and fuck-ups!
again, another primadonna!
this ofc has a whole bunch of them! primadonna guys who's so full of themselves but aint that good overall.

with guy 1, i decided to confront him tom instead. i treated him professionally and just dealt with the project concerns.
one battle at a time. i dont wana ruin my momentum and diffuse my focus when there's so much to deliver.

with guy 2, since it is no direct concern of mine, i just asked the acctng pipol and raised the issue to them.
ive got enough shit in my own backyard to be handling this. let them fix the mess they created.
and will you please getoutta my space!

i need professional distance from these nega peeps.
they're draining the life out of me!
and i have this pragmatic way of approaching these probs.
shape up or ship out.
either you're with me or you're not.
harsh but necessary.
brutal yes, but we have a fierce society anyway.
age-old saying modified: survival of the "toughest & the smartest".
it has to be the two. won't work with just one.
live it. deal with it.

andaming pdeng mangyari sa isang araw.
sa isang araw ng buhay ko, naranasan ko ang
magmahal, umunawa, mapagod, magutom, mabigo, saktan, umasa.
pero kaya lahat yan!
basta araw-araw patuloy akong lumalaban.
UP Fight! :P hehehe.

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