conversations w/ a fan 2

background: dis person accidentally stumbled on my blog and has been readin da then outdated entries (2003). though blogspot is my first blog, i was actively bloggin on blog-city before, until blogspot updated their features and made me go back to my blog roots (just dis oct. 14, 2004). come to think of it, had i not known dat pipol still read my old blog, i wouldn't revisit blogspot. so in a way dis gurl is da one who made me activate my blogspot. i thank you! ;) cheers! :)

proud fan : u can say i'm a fan
proud fan : shet, kakahiya to ah!
proud fan : :D
firewomyn : y?
firewomyn : never been a fan b4?
proud fan : shempre oo no...pro to actually admit na fan ka, that's embarassing
proud fan : hahahaha
proud fan : ma-pride ako eh
proud fan : hehehhe
proud fan : joke!
firewomyn : ok
firewomyn : and admitting dat lessens ur pride?
proud fan : no, not exactly...
firewomyn : ok lng
firewomyn : narereplenish nmn ang pride e
proud fan : hahaha

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