cinemalaya crushes

the back... yum!

the front... gulp! *slapping face with disbelief*
please don't look at me like that, you are making my tummy flutter :)

presenting, the sunshine in my universe. tee-hee!
*i did feel warm looking at her*

the non-celebrity with celebrities as her accessories
who btw looks way classier than her celeb gal pals

in this day and age of 5-inch killer heels, you decided to go flats.
who needs elevation when your beauty and style alone can ascend you with the stars ;)
like! like! like!
(rich asuncion in her slutty makeup and glaiza de castro in what-was-she-thinking print combo)


kitkat said...

oh nice post Fire! pero favorite ko pa rin train crush 19 hehe..how are you? na miss kita ha nung dumating na ako sa abu dhabi airport hehe- you're one of those names na umiikot sa utak ko haha.

firewomyn said...

@kitkat - asus! ako si train crush 14 :)