unpopular opinion

sorry to be a party pooper, but with the widening support to gay marriage, i wonder, are gays really ready for long term, monogamous, no fucking around (seriously, no.), in sickness (hello, hiv) and in bitching kind of commitment, aka marriage?

i ask this because i know that many gays' idea of long term is as long as their next hair color or the next cebu pacific piso fair. the reality is, a LOT of gays fool around, break up and change partners in a snap. am not saying it's wrong, but the dynamics will change with marriage in the picture. *shit, this is sounding more and more like what used to be a straight issue*

we used to be free as in we can have as many or simply cut it with someone simply because. there was no pressure or ties of something legal. some view it as rights deprivation, others embraced it as an advantage.

with the surge of same sex marriage, my fear is a surge of gay divorce/separations too.

i have yet to personally know a gay couple that's really old and gray and still exclusively together. unless they were old and gray already when they became a couple. hehe.

but as i write about this unpopular opinion, i have come to the understanding that the bottom line is to be free to have the options. to have that choice as my right, just like everybody else, that is equality.

being free is not just being able to do the things you want to do, but also having the option to do all the things available whether they're your cup or tea or in case you change your mind. the issue is not 'do i want to get married or not', the concern is i can get married if i want to. =)

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