There is this thing called three golden rules in project management - Just in time, just enough and just because. Women happen to me in the same breath.

New women come to my life commonly in two forms - that of megan fox and of amanda seyfried. Kidding. Hehe. Usually they seem to come or get noticed by me when my senses are open to new stimuli. like when am feeling horny (kidding again!), vulnerable or pensive. It is during theses states that I would out of the ordinary look at others. Probably longer than usual (since I love staring at beautiful women to begin with) , or look at a different direction/side. Then I realize, hey X is charming  pala or there's something about Y. and that's how it starts to happen, just in time. Because am just unknowingly ready.

Sometimes though I get too accustomed to what I've had that I want something new and would really proactively seek that thing to break the mundane. When this happens, all that's needed is just enough curiosity, attraction and of course, alcohol. Spark ensues and then maybe later, fireworks galore!  Aminin na natin, madaming love life or sex life ang nabuo mula sa inuman!

But love. Ah, what do I know of it really? I can express how it makes me feel. The way it elates me to commune with the stars, how it pains me to a point of breaking, the manner that it humbles me to submission, and its hand in shaping me to who I am now. It is that unconquerable thing I want to experience over and over as if am the dumbest for not learning. My mind and heart are always deemed inadequate for it demands my entire being that I often  get consumed. If love is a citizen, then it's the number one violator of all standards, pattern and status quo. So what do I know of love? Not much I reckon. For I love you, just because. =)

"The freedom of being out and open about who I am 
allowed me to find and fall in love with Lauren – 
the most amazing woman I've ever known."

August 20, 2011
Country singer Chely Wright married 
her partner Lauren Blitzer

Chely came out last year. 

article here


in love



Anonymous said...

im proud to say i am out already and enjoying every single moment.ang sarap sa pakiramdam lalo pa at tanggap ako ng family ko.


kitkat said...

chely is so pretty!! being gay -is sexy..

firewomyn said...

@clyte - wow! buti ka pa :) someday ako rin :) ingget ako. hehe. wala, inggitera lang. :D

@kitkat - yep, but her wife i think is prettier. hehe.

kitkat said...

yea i noticed that fire--Lauren is prettier..hhmmm

firewomyn said...

@kitkat - bagay sila :)