Train Crush 20

i first noticed your nails. they're neon pink! hot and cute at the same time :) then the legs that follow are endlessly long, lean and smooth. super like! :) your arms are toned, you must be working out. am very  excited with this because we can work out together :) your face doesn't seem to be from here, like that mixed with something italian or of latina blood. the way your nose catches your celebrity-like shades, the thin lips with interesting curve that i inwardly want to gently trace with my thumb, and the slight cleft chin that ends the shape of your eye-catching, blog-worthy face. what more if i've seen your eyes? and oh! the unruly fringe! that speaks i'm confident, beautiful and i don't care! haha. thank you for not looking up because i may have melted instantly if not froze to idiotic immobility. hehe. but most of all, thank you for the inspiration of being my train crush 20 =)

**click the pix for a bigger image**

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