Zooey plays gay! err, bi pala. still Yey!

fantasies, and not just dreams DO come true! :) Zooey Deschanel having a girlfriend! uhm, on film. to see it happen in whatever form is enough for me. it's after all the vintage iconic Zooey! giddy yey! :) the indie film is titled Our Idiot Brother. I don't really give a fly about the brother. And since Zooey will always be my star, it might as well be titled Our Idiot Brother's Cool Gay Bi Sis. hehe. After discovering a review with spoiler though, i learned that Zooey's character is bi. pfft!

the girlfriend is Rashida Jones, who i honestly don't know anything about. BUT, she does look to be a match to dearie Zooey in her geeky, goddess kind of get up. :) stripes and checkered blend well.

the literal pink and blue of female gaydom. soo sweeeet! :) am kilig already (what is the direct english translation of kilig?). sigh.

unfortunately, the goodies end here. those are the only pix i can find online. i know! soo bitin! so let's just wait for the film to be available here. twas shown this Friday in US. hopefully we can watch together, it'll be so fun! =) if you happen to download a copy, be a sister and share please ;)

i just read a spoiler and it isn't really a super cheer for the film's depiction of gay. so here is Zooey to erase any sad feeling i have about it.

hmm...how come am still a tad sad? :(

ohkaay... now am all smiles. hehe  =)

i had this nagging feeling since yesterday that she closely resemble another celebrity, then it hit me! katy perry! so here's to doubling the fun. from the girl who kissed a girl (in a song) to the girl who kissed a girl (in a film). ENJOY! =)

my favorite :)


tomato cafe said...

hot damn! tangina that half naked photo, natapunan ng yakult ang keyboard ko.

firewomyn said...

@tcf - haha! super shocked din ako to find a photo of her that daring. napalunok na lang ako. lakas tama :D

kitkat said...

one word- hot!! eee ang galing ni fire sa taste..very good -high standard taste-tsk.tsk..

firewomyn said...

@kitkat - but opkors da corrs! :)