to others and to some - updated

now that i've let it out of my system, i'm happy to share that the two friends whom i still care about already apologized. =) we aired our sides, said sorry. done. now moving on to a more interesting part, the supposed threesome invite. i'll just post it verbatim.

girl: hi fire! i'm a huge fan.. i was wondering if you could meet up with me and my friend sometime? hang out lang..

firewomyn: sure! basta treat nyo ko ha. hehe.

girl: haha bukas, pwede ka?

firewomyn: hindi naman kayo nagmamadali no? hehe. can't tom. next Sat works for me. at ndi mo pa kinoconfirm kung treat mo ko ha.

girl: can we get your contact number? 

firewomyn: no. we have to communicate thru mental telepathy. hehe, just email me. and am kinda dubious abt this "we"

**ym msg from someone i don't know received on my phone** 

bigboy: hi. this is ___, girl's friend. haha :)

firewomyn: you're a man? *was thinking could be a butch*

bigboy: yeah, last i checked. haha

firewomyn: i am lesbian. *i think this is the first time i said that line to anybody*

bigboy: err.. *pause* okay, i don't really know how to say this.. *pause* but girl and i were talking about getting another girl to join us, and she said her local celeb crush was you. *msg cut*

**twas late night and was tired, so didn't reply anymore. the next day - **

firewomyn: your msg was cut. join you on what?

bigboy: uh join us for a ... tryst. but i realize now medyo offensive so i'm super sorry. forget we said anything.

i know i've been mentioning it here that my ultimate fantasy is a threesome. i thought the specifics were obvious, so i should have provided that very minor detail that my fantasy is a threesome with two other women. no penis involved please.

the proposal was at first interesting *because it was the girl who asked first*, then shocking *because the boy got in the picture. i mean what part of the word lesbian in my blog header is unclear?*, then interesting again *haha. the shock wore off*, then bitin *they didn't even wait for my answer!*, and then funny *hey, it's not everyday you get to be invited for a "tryst with what seems to be a hetero couple*. and of course i won't let it slip that the girl (whom i am imagining is hot) categorized me as a "local celeb". naksnaman! hay, ansaya ng buhay. may drama, may erotica, may comedy. okay na yan, wag na pong dagdagan ng horror pls. hehe =)


Anonymous said...

i can't imagine how a 3some, all females happen.. -w1cked

Anonymous said...

naks! local celeb! taray! hahaha

Anonymous said...

okaaaaay, that was a bit straightforward hahaha! pero congrats sa celebrity status. high five, your hotness. ikaw na!!!

- tcf

Anonymous said...

hehe, that was funny. i remember something similar happened to me minus being thought of as a celeb.

scout said...

ahahaha. oo nga, local celeb ka na pala. wag mo kaming kakalimutan ha? LOL. :)

Anonymous said...

ibang level ka na pala... think of it this way.. your fantasy "can" be translated into reality..me slight problem nga lang.. hahaha... twistedhalo

NYC-sankapa! said...

all girl 3way - been there, done that. next? :) i can't wait for you to read a story I wrote about it.

kitkat said...

threesome -all women-HOT!!! fire..hahaha its so funny--na entertain ako tuloy,how are you? :)

Anonymous said...

Just wondering, what if the other person was a butch? Would you give it a shot though? :)

- prolly

rz fortajada said...

Hoyess naman, ikaw na hot! :)) At least naman, ang standards nila, dapat celebrity!

firewomyn said...

aba! palibhasa 3some ang topic, andami nagcomment! lol! =)

@w1cked - well, gusto mo demo? wehehehe

@nana - odava! ako na! ako na! ang numero unong feelingera ngayon. haha.

@tcf - osya, dahil masaya naman, patulan na natin ang so-called celebrity status na yan. haha. straightforward talaga, dahil mga straight sila! hehe.

@pola - naks! ano nangyari? kwento! :)

@scout - haynako, don't worry, mabait ako sa mga fans. hahaha. ang kulit ng post na to at ng mga comments.

@twistedhalo - onga! sana next time totoo na at wala nang problem. :D

@NYC - i am no match to your sexploits i'm sure. :) kaya bilang palubag-loob, pls share your stories :)

@kitkat - buti naman na-entertain ka :) eto, waiting for the true-blue all-hotwomen 3some offer. bwahaha

@prolly - why not, basta hot. hehe. err, are you butch? ;)

@rz - baka binobola lang tayo nyan para pumayag tayo. :) pero at least nga mataas standard di ba? :)