the power of books

i had an exhausting Friday. work was as usual unbelievably hectic that i worked thru lunch. by the time i was done all the street lights were turned on. i walked slowly,  traversing the busy Ayala stretch. 'texted a few people in the hope of a last minute tgif gimmick, but either they were non-responsive or were still at work.sigh. the rain decided to accompany me in my walk. i begged off and used the walkway instead, passing thru greenbelt. Powerbooks dressed in attractive print of red Sale, invited me for a date. i smiled hesitantly, did mental accounting, then took her hand in offer.

for someone i haven't visited in a long while, she made me feel very comfortable. she has soo many stories to tell, some fiction, some laced with truth. i tried to read her actions by leafing thru her gestures and thumbing her words. she elicited various emotions in me, some familiar, some distant. holding my hand, she toured me around, introduced me to many people. there was an athlete named after an animal, a superhero dressed in super fit costume, a chef who's a barefoot royalty, a japanese who speaks of kafka, an unknown economist, a local business man popularizing finance and some wimpy kid.   

i tried to get to know them. listened to their stories while sipping imaginary wine. the food served for thought was a feast! my heart was full and my mind was happy. twas intoxicating.

before long, i flirted with a cashier, exchanged digits. she looked at me with surprise and coy before letting me go. haha. i think she's convinced i'm a slut for i went home with a millenial, the animal-named athlete, a fever pitch fan of football, and a woman named harper lee. sorry wimpy kid, you're too young for me. *wink*

that night, i let them touch me, break me, excite me, stimulate me. we had intercourse. body and soul, i loved it. :)


image from this new discovery site.i am sure you will love this tumblr site :)


Anonymous said...

yet another victim of he powerbooks sale. hahahaha.

Anonymous said...

oh and I thought it was you na in the picture.. hehe

O. said...

Hahaha. TCF and I hoarded books last time. :)