squeeze me

since it's been all gray and gloomy lately, i have decided to combat it with color. been wearing colorful ofc clothes lately and have also painted my nails red. hehe. i don't really use red, usually black, blue purple. well i did paint my nails orange one time. but this lethargic feeling has to end now. and the situation calls for fiery red. so today i launched my new nail polish. hehe. and what do you know, the sun is out! yey!

if you're wondering why am able to blog more often lately, it's because i discovered that the network firewall in the ofc got removed. eureka! was initially hesitant to use it because it may be a trap, some reverse-psychology of sorts and then they'll track the violators. and then i realized. you idiot! you think too much! hehe. so here i am enjoying, maximizing my new-found network freedom. my early years of blogging was from a company that doesn't have restriction in the network, so i blog as i feel it. am so saya now :) i dunno for how long this will last, but i'll juice it every opportunity i can. =)


_yle said...

Post a photo of your toenails tomorrow? (Foot fetish? Me? No...)

firewomyn said...

@_yle - uhm, my toes/feet are not fetish-able. won't post, but can email you a pic.

_yle said...

It's only appealing if everyone can see it. I appreciate the offer.