something's odd at home. our two male dogs (the daddy dog and his son) are dry humping in the living room. gay is cool, but it's incestuous! hehe. this is largely because mommy dog is preggy and we barred daddy dog from doing her. she's close to giving birth that's why.

there was also an episode when mommy dog was dry humping daddy dog. haha. now that's not only an alpha dog, but an alpha female dog! go mommy! hehe :)

dogs have it easy. they don't need to hatid-sundo or give gifts or even make pacute.the code is simple, when in heat, insert and then hump away! but with all those fur, i can fully understand why they don't do oral. haha. and we do have copied from them too. hello, dog style? :D

*this is just me entertaining myself, because am a tad sad.*


scout said...

Actually, I've seen the neighbor's dogs do oral. Kakagulat nga eh.

firewomyn said...

@scout - wow! astig naman nun! :)