Yesterday, for lack of available options, I took an ordinary bus to work (after my train ride). Not that am running late, I just hate waiting.

When i reached the office, I texted gf and she said we almost arrived to the ofc same time, she was wondering why we didn't see each other at Ayala then. Maybe next time i guess.

Work went well for a Monday. So well that I felt sinful enough to violate my zero-caffeine diet. Using the free drink stub gf gave me weeks ago, I decided to have a classic hot choco drink in the afternoon. I reasoned that at least i didn't pay for the drink.

So what's the cost of sin? No sin ever runs free. Retribution sooner or later catches up. The only thing free with sin is the free will to do it.

Gf and I had dinner before going home & discussed SONA, Ronald Singson, her badminton game & my bank errands the next day. In short, we won't see each other Tuesday. Sad.

When i reached the train platform, i was surprised to chance upon a spacious train, not so many people on rush hour? Odd. Maybe a skipping train, i surmised. I settled further inside the train, the spot that adjoins the two train coaches.

While standing, i was texting a friend about her PC woes & my technical suggestions. As we were SMS-ing, I realized that I am happy even though my life's been full of challenges. I even joked to my friend that maybe because I am masochistic. Hehe.

Right after I placed my phone back in my bag, two stations away from my stop, smile still on my face, the doorway (the spot where I flirted with a girl last week), suddenly blasted! KABOOM!!! Spurts of small fire balls with electrocuted sound forcefully puked from the door. I froze for a millisecond marvelling at the seeming fireworks display. People screamed and I got zapped back to the urgency of the moment (ala-kick in Inception terms. Hehe) and ran for safety at the far end of the train.

My biggest worry, what if there's another explosion?! I dunno anymore where I can safely go while trapped inside the train.

The guard, typical of police late reaction in movies, moved to action after people have already scrammed at both sides' end of the train. Imagine the parting of the Red Sea.

I immediately called gf and narrated the unbelievable happening. I looked at the window assessing the height we are in in case I need to jump. The train alarmingly remained locked. We can't go out. Driver & guard walking to and fro, not saying anything. After a few minutes that felt like an eternity, the guard announced that the problem has been fixed. Not bothering to explain what caused it. My best guess is he doesn't have a clue. The driver murmured something unintelligible to his microphone which ofcourse, no one understood. They didn't exert that much effort to apprise us of what happened much more assure us that it's really really safe.

Despite things being doubtfully ok, the train remained unmoving. The few minutes stretched to more minutes of being trapped, life literally on a standstill. My  life didn't flash before me as I thought one would experience on close death encounters. I just paused. Neither thinking forward nor backward. For someone who abhors waiting, I did nothing but that.

And then without adieu, train went back to life. I felt like clapping & cheering, but people around me were so serious. Probably because am at the senior citizens' side of the train. Hehe.

As we were moving, something hit me hard. Train on my way home is often jampacked and what I normally do is squeeze myself in, barely making it inside. So am usually plastered on the doorside of the train whenever I go  home. This rare night, the train was oddly less crowded that i was able to position myself in the middle side of the train cabin. OMG! Blast was at the doorside! I suddenly slumped to my seat, my energy (or what's left of it) quickly evaporating. Chill replaced my bloodflow. The image that entered my mind was scary. I quietly muttered my prayer of thanks to the omnipresent.    

So what's at the end of the tunnel? A connecting tunnel. Hehe.

I went out of the train armed with my second shot at life (my connecting tunnel hehe) to be greeted by a rowdy rain, submerging the street with its downpour. Wow! Such intensity and movement! So opposite of where I've just been. I looked down at my open-toed sandals and hesitated. I looked up to see the train where my life was earlier tested. It's my second life, no room for hesitation! And just like that, I went headstrong thru the heavy lashes of the rain, the bacteria-infested puddle and went after my jeepney ride.

Note: to all who texted/called/messaged/prayed for me - Ellen de generes, Portia de rossi, Wanda sykes, mocha uson, lizzy d' lezzy, Shane, Bette Porter, lin, EphemeralBliss, old flame, w1cked, twistedhalo, lurker - THANK YOU!!! =)


Anonymous said...

hi! buti naman you're Ok, may experience din ako sa MRT ,the train just stopped (can't remember why except that it was raining so hard that time) after 10 min or so , train moved to the nearest station at pinababa na kami lahat, dami nagparefund ng ticket, ako deadma lang hehe sanay na ata, i think I have 9 lives and already wasted 5, 2 swimming incidents, 1 jeep, and 1 tricycle collision ,at pinakamemorable muntik na mahulog sa factory haha, and I survived all of these incidents unscratched, and never been confined in a hospital all my life except during birth lol....secret ko? adik lang sa pancit haha-notsobusy26

firewomyn said...

@notsobusy26 - mas bongga kwento mo ah! :) am glad you're unscathed :) at pansit ba kamo? Fine tatry ko din yan! Panahon na yata para bumili ng sariling sasakyan. Bus & jeep kasi takaw holdup at harassment, tren takaw stampede at explosion. Buti pa ang trike so far ok naman experience ko dun. Kung pde lang magtrike up to Makati e. Hehe.

Anonymous said...

i thought it was just a minor incident... hm i guess not. God bless! nway, i'm pretty sure mocha uson is way way worried since she texted his brother to ask me if ur fine... lol -w1cked

Anonymous said...

i thought it was just a minor incident... hm i guess not. God bless! nway, i'm pretty sure mocha uson is way way worried since she texted her brother to ask me if ur fine... lol -w1cked

firewomyn said...

@w1cked - didn't know his brother ha. hehe. thanks for the concern :)

Anonymous said...

jk lng.. i dunno mocha personally, yung bro nya lng.. gudnyt -w1cked

Anonymous said...

Wow, so you're on your second life! Mabuti na Lang nobody got hurt and in fairness Hindi Ito nabalita sa tv or diaryo man Lang. ... Pagnalipat ako sa makati sabay na Lang tayo pumasok since mukang magkalapit baryo Lang man tayo. .... always say a little prayer when you leave the house, it works....twisted halo

Purple78 said...

Hey, I'm so glad you are okay. Welcome to your second life, make good use of it. Enjoy life. :-)

Lakwatsera said...

I consider this my second life as well. I did not encounter any accident but I had a serious asthma attack a few years ago that made me rethink my life. I reposted my "second life" story in my blogspot, you might want to check it out. :-)

firewomyn said...

@w1cked - i know what you mean. gunayt! :)

@twisted halo - wala kasing nainjure kaya siguro dedma sa news. kaya bilisan mo na magwork sa makati, para sabay tayo pumasok. aaminin ko, hindi ako pala-dasal, ung parang chant. si gf ang palasimba, laking catholic sch kasi. ak laking public sch. hehe. ayan, magdadasal na po :)

@Purple78 - thanks, let's enjoy! :) *kampay!*

@Lakwatsera - i commented on your blog post ;)

Anonymous said...

oh! i'm glad you're okay, firewomyn! take care always. :)

Anonymous said...

laking public school din ako but when i got in a catholic school for my second degree, natuto ako magdasal.. hahaha... twistedhalo

firewomyn said...

@odd_girl - thanks for the concern :)

@twistedhalo - naks! may second degree! astig! :)

Anonymous said...

Hehe...sinabi ko bang natapos ko nag second degree?....twistedhalo

firewomyn said...

@twistedhalo - at least nakatuntong ka pa rin ng second degree. Am still proud of you ;) sana matapos mo na sya :)