grrl interrupted

big boss #1 is in the office, but doesn't seem to know i exist. big boss #2 was absent today, big boss #3 is out as well (yes, i have 3 big bosses, so matrix of an organization). i jokingly emailed gf that fresh from the inauguration fever, i am today's commander in chief at our team. hehe.i said to myself, finally some peace and quiet with no almighty breathing at my neck.

was meaning to blog something different tonight. but my boss #2 had me babysit her project today on top of my two other projects plus a training i need to conduct same day. she's online, so she kept firing orders at me via IM. as if that's not enough load for the day, she also requested that i send a mega-report consolidating all the projects metrics and updates (with dependencies on other teams).

wtf is she thinking? i know i'm good, but i'm not superwomyn good! PLUS, am only getting paid half from what she's getting, so why is she making me do her effin job and also bent on making a slave out of me?? aargh!

anyhoo, because am pissed, i objected about the report because it doesn't make sense to me. analysis-wise, it's not time-based, thus in my mind, they can't do multi-dimensional data analysis from it. i didn't get any email reply anymore.

on my way home, she sent an sms saying she can call me to explain what she needs. fucker! the hell she will. i dedma'd the sms and ranted about it to gf. gf was sensitive enough to treat me for dinner and gave me my fave strawberry milk shake. =)

after resting a bit at home (this time i did not hugas the pinggan), against my will, i did the freakin-doesn't make sense-report. i actually just finished. hay. and i don't feel good being a sell out for doing something against my better judgment. the corporate world does have a knack for obliterating one's ideals somehow.

minutes later, she replied saying it's a good report. duh?! i think she's saying it's good because she got what she wanted. but i earnestly think her boss, big boss #0 in US will just dismiss it because it doesn't answer what i think he needs.

i hate them because they're inconsiderate. they say good work is paid with -- more work! yikes! and she'll still be out till tomorrow. i'm deep in the pit. haay. so the life of a lowly office slave continues tomorrow.  hayy uli.

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