If edward norton had an incredible hulk moment, firewomyn had a freak out/Xena moment yesterday. while i still have hangover for the blast of a party i had last saturday, i discovered to my horror that our faces and our da moves at the dance floor were plastered all over facebook like some freebie giveaway to the world wide web!

fuuuuuccckkkerrrr!!!! kung lalaki siguro ako umakyat na ang balls ko sa leeg ko. Putanginaaa!!! who gave them the right to take our pictures? exclusive party nga e! i thought parang super secret society sya. not only did they take our pictures without permission, they even posted it in fb with public access! OMG! Hindi ako makahinga. as in panic/anxiety/allergy attack level! damay pati friends ko and si jowa na pinilit ko lang sumama. waaaahhhh! !!

i was in the office. Hindi ko alam kung ano uunahin ko, magwala o mag-meeting. i texted the organizers. even though am raging mad, i forced myself to be nice to them because I asked them to delete our pictures. baka dedmahin ako pag nabadtrip sa 'kin. so pikitmata at lunok-pride akong nakisuyo. mga tangina nyong mga paksyet kayo!!! naayos naman agad. Whew! pero fucker pa rin sila for the hell i went thru! Sana sinabi nila agad na may picturan, di sana nagdala kami ng maskara! Hindi kami prepared! @#$%^&*! sila!


Anonymous said...

good... maintain ur composure kahit na kumalat na sa fb hehe i think nakita ko ung photos e.. joke! :D nway, kung ako nasa lugar niyo cguro adrenaline rush to the highest level! hayyyyy -w1cked

Anonymous said...

ahaha..lintek talaga ang facebook! napost ako minsan ng picture ko with gf, yung looking safe na best of friends pose lang, tapos me mahaderang "friend" ako na nagcomment ba naman ng "is this your new gf?" leche! buti na lang FB vigilant ako at na delete ko agad ang incriminating comment na yun.. hay, i understand how you feel..hay naku ateh, dibdibang pagpapainterbyu ang ginawa ko today..2 company ang tinuhog ko, isa sa legaspi village at isa sa salcedo village..sayang wala ako nakitang bagong gupit, panay pa naman ang lingon ko...twistedhalo

firewomyn said...

@w1cked - langya ka! hehe. am just glad it's over :)

@twistedhalo - kaya hindi ako active sa fb dahil dyan. proud naman ako sa yo at sipag mo maghanap ng work. :) magkakawork ka rin agad don't worry ;)

ang mantra daw ay ganito, "everyday, in everyway, work, work come my way."

Anonymous said...

sabi nga nila, "if it is not in facebook, it's not official". lol kaya sa fb ko wala akong pic na kasama si gf :P -w1cked

Anonymous said...

i was in the middle of sleep when i got your text... at napabangon ako ng di oras to check it out. as in lahat ng dugo ko bigla naging active sa pagdaloy :) buti na lang na delete na ... super thanx to your immediate action ... yes!!! ready for the next exclu na uli hahaha


Odd Girl said...

ohmigod!!! naku, kung nasa exclu ako at nakunan din ng picture at pinost sa fb, hindi ko alam anong gagawin/magagawa ko! nakakatakot pala sumali sa mga exclu, eh, 'no? kapag out na ako, sige, kahit araw-araw ay may exclu, go lang! pero sa ngayon, nooooo!!!

i admire you for being able to keep your calm nang maikiusap ka sa organizers. it really worked pa. kung ako 'yun, baka tumawag ako at nagbunganga. yaiks!

i'm glad it's okay now. :)

i like reading your entries, firewomyn. :)

Kim said...

is this from the crobar party? i just hope that the organizers would be considerate enough to think that not all their party goers are actually out. even if it's not the case, hello! privacy naman.

firewomyn said...

@w1cked - well, it no permission, it's also not official ;) i don't have pix with gf too in fb. hehe.

@p1nay - i know what you feel. they posted another set of pix, but we're nowhere in it. wala ka talagang kadala-dala ha! hehe. game ako sa next exclu. we just have to ask abt the picture taking before we run wild to party :)

@odd_girl - this is the first time it happened to me and i've attended several exclusive parties already. calm lang ako when i talked to them, nagbunganga na lang ako sa blog. lol! btw, i read your blog posts and i like em too! sent comments :)

@Kim - i know! didn't know it's like that there. super scary. since i complained about it, i hope they be more careful next time, because we sure will be. :) party tayo ulit in the future ha =)

Kim said...

I'm sure there'd be another one next month.
How's the venue by the way?
If you say ok ung venue, I'll go to next month's party. Tara!

firewomyn said...

@Kim - venue is ok naman. Malate area. Kaso nagpapasok sila ng boys tapos they rented the 2nd floor only, the ground floor is free for all. So somewhat awkward when you enter the venue. Over-all, I've been to better parties. =)

kitkat said...

OMG baka sa next private party fire?? eherrmmm kasama pa naman ako this time waahh -all over facebook? sana naman PRIVATE talaga hehehe take care fire!! muaahh