Milk and Boobs

i dunno how we started with my mom's bday and ended up with boobs. but the playful banter is fun for me. so hope you have fun too :)

Fw: btw, mom's bday now

Df: oh happy bday to mudra

Fw: salamas!

Df: i should thank her for carrying you for 9 mos
     and breast feeding you
     and so you became so witty and articulate

Fw: nah, i was bottle fed

Df: oh thanks to genes and formula milk na lang pala

Fw: all bec of animal milk. lol

Df: you're a cow... moomoo

Fw: by the way, 'just remembered

Df: yeah?

Fw: abt you being  gorgeous, forgot to add, boobs mo pa lang gorgeous na e

Df: manyakis comment LOL

Fw: nah, honest comment
      pag honest ba manyakis na?

Df: hindi. Lol

Fw: so why are you saying that?

Df: it was a joke
     and it's a booby comment. lol

Fw: so what?
       i like your boobs

Df: why, thank you *bows*

Fw: you're welcome :)


Anonymous said...

penge ng milk n milk... :)

_yle said...

my mother said i was breastfed the longest hence i'm the brightest offspring.

ps: i like my boobs.

Anonymous said...

am i considered deviant if i have no thingy for boobies? lol -w1cked

_yle said...

@w1cked only if you're not into boobs but into something unusual... like, let's say you had a thing for FEET instead. definitely deviant. :)) no offense meant to those who actually have a foot fetish.

firewomyn said...

@pola - hehe. hingi tayo milk kay dearie friend :)

@_yle - good for you and your boobies! hehe.

@w1cked - hehe. i hope you a have a thing for your gf's bod ;)

@_yle - i thought you have an exam? go review! :p good luck!

Anonymous said...

just woke up. gud am _yle & firewomyn! :) i'm into tummy but she gets tickled when i kiss it he he and i like makisiksik sa neck. :p -w1cked

firewomyn said...

@w1cked - sweet! I love to siksik too and snuggle :) she's very ticklish which makes it fun to tease her. Hehe.

Anonymous said...

hahaha basically we're on the same boat! :) i like sharin these stuff with u. hmmm :) -w1cked

firewomyn said...

@w1cked - ansarap ng may partner na mahal na mahal mo no? :)

Anonymous said...

yeahhhh! you hit the nail on the head. major reason why i'm always here. i can totally relate to you. :) -w1cked