Promised kwento

It was late night, it was raining, we didn’t have water at home, but my hormones are tingling and my excitement unstoppable. So sugod pa rin ako sa party! Hehe. There's a new friend, an old friend (with her new gf), an old flame (a close friend whom I haven't seen for so long) and eternal flame (hehe, syempre si gf yan!).

Party started 11ish, place got brimming 12ish. We came in 10ish. Dang! OA sa aga! Halatang atat :D I was so excited to see so many female gays in one venue! When before I ogle at sporadic train/bus/street crushes, here I had a feast! =)

Place was dark with splashes of green laser light. There's a pole waiting for writhing, drunken women. And we're seated at the farthest, darkest corner. Music was upbeat and loud. Me and the gang were shouting at each other as form of kwentuhan. I think we had ear damage after because we were still shouting even after we left. Haha.

I haven't had alcohol in a loong while. I had 2 red vodka cruisers , 2 (free) tequila shots from 2 promo lassies (how can I say no when they're baring their soul with cleavage and abs to me??) and one glass of margarita .

I had enough alcohol in my blood to brave the crowd and dance the night-to-dawn away. Hehe. Music was infectious (or was I just drunk?!)! It tricked our bodies into thinking we can gyrate ala-Shakira! Wahaha. Adrenaline was spilling all over. We were dancing, jumping, shouting, laughing, hugging, kissing, staring, head banging -- in short nabaliw kami! Lol! I was soo happy I kept kissing and hugging gf (again!). I don’t think it constitutes pda this time since it was so dark. Not that gf was complaining at that time, because she also kept kissing and hugging back. Woot! Woot!

Along the way of drinking and getting wild (with gf), an old flame from way back texted me. She was going to the party also. Flashback- I met her when I was just understanding my newfound sexuality. We were very close then, until we drifted apart when I had a gf. We haven't seen each other since then, but recently reconnected online. I didn't know they were in the party already until gf told me that someone kept staring at me. I looked, and ohmygosh, old flame and her gang were seated beside our table! When I went to the restroom, she texted me if she can talk to me and followed me to the restroom. Unfortunately for her, I was back to gf's arms by the time I saw her sms. This feels like L Word. Haha. While her date was hitting the pole (her date was hot!), I introduced her to my gf and my friends. As if on cue, music went wild again and all of us started jumping once more, intoxicated, enslaved by the lead of the beat.

We left when our feet could barely walk from hitting the dance floor. We were so tipsy, we got lost in search for Starbucks. Haha. Hot drinks sobered us up and we were back to kwentuhan, catching up on each other's lives and of course more importantly, gossiping on others' lives. Lol.

ps: this kwento has a sequel.


_yle said...

Sounds like you had a blast. :) How did you introduce the old flame to you gf? As... a friend, an ex? Or no mention of how you knew her?

Anonymous said...

a promise is a promise.. he he thanks for sharin. :) i can only imagine :p -w1cked

firewomyn said...

@_yle - told her she's a friend from way, way back. Technically, old flame didn't become my gf. Walang katapusang landian lang. Haha. We're good friends. I was just really surprised to see her after so many years. She's texting me and wants to see me again. Namiss daw nya ko :o

@w1cked - yeah. Napuyat ako dyan ha. Kaso yung major sequel na gusto kong isulat kasi kakaayos pa lang.

Anonymous said...

"kakaayos pa lang" ang sequel? me away ba na nangyari after? uyy, haba ng hair ng ateh ko, me old flame na naka miss sa kanya.. kinikilig ka naman nyan i guess? hahaha...sarap naman....twistedhalo

scout said...

nakita ko na ba itong old flame? sya ba yung kasama mo nung pool party EB so long ago? :)

Anonymous said...

:D he he parang inception, andaming tanong.. bitin ang ending pero maganda ang plot lol lookin fwd sa part 2 :p -w1cked

firewomyn said...

@twistedhalo - true ka dyan! sa sobrang haba ng hair ng ate mo, nagpagupit na ko ng hair kanina. lol! you're right on the sequel. muntik na magkagulo. at muntik na rin ako mag-Xena warrior sa badtrip.

@scout - naku! ibang old flame pa yan. wahaha! hindi mo pa sya nameet. =)

firewomyn said...

@w1cked - asus! may utang ka rin kayang part2 sa kin :p will watch Inception this weekend. :)

Anonymous said...

hehe i hope ul like it :) anyway, paid na ako ano :p -w1cked

Anonymous said...

I will be at makati tomorrow. Maghahanap ako ng bagong gupit ! Hahaha looking forward to the next kwento...twistedhalo

firewomyn said...

@w1cked - am definite i'll like it. and yeah, quits na tayo :)

@twistedhalo - sanka sa makati tom at anong oras? dali! magpapahanap ako sa yo :D

Anonymous said...

"Feels like LWord". Funny funny :D

firewomyn said...

@Ephemeralbliss - thanks. buti naman naaliw ka :D

Anonymous said...

it was really a blast !!! dameng first time that night hahaha

first time ni gf sa exlcu
first time kong may kasamang gf sa exclu
first time namen dance together
first time kong maging wild sa exclu (feeling ko wild na yung hugging, kissing at landian sa dance floor)
first exclu ko na sumama si gf mo :)
first exclu naten na parehong may kasamang gfs :D

very L word indeed!!!

i miss you both :)

si old flame rin ba yung nakita mo noon nasa galeria tayo?


firewomyn said...

@p1nay - wow! didn't think of those firsts ah. nice one! :) namiss ka rin namin. and finally, nalaunch mo na si gf sa amin. hehe. that's a diff old flame. you haven't seen this one. :)

Anonymous said...

parang ang daming old flame?...twistedhalo

firewomyn said...

@twistedhalo - para lang. nakaraan na :)