Headache parts1 & 2

I have a nasty headache since yesterday. Took meds, but pain goes back once the medication wears off. I asked Gf if we can have lunch in our building today so that I don’t need to walk that far, as too much movement makes me dizzy and brings back the headache. Gf reasoned that it's too far for her and she might be late back to work. Ouch!

Now it's not only my head that aches, but my heart too. =( I'm in pain, am sick and yet gf can't make a concession to walk farther than usual. Sigh.

I can't remember who suggested this, but she said we'll just see each other after office. I muttered with grave  disappointment, "okay". We didn’t see each other yesterday because of my sakit-sakitan. Today, still sick, I thought she'd be excited to see me or even take care of me because of my ill condition. But I was soo wrong. And it hurts more than anything to assume that your partner will take care of you but won't when you need her.

It hurts, and it's sad. I must as well  avoid getting sick and try my best  to not need anybody, even her. The disappointment is more killing than the pain from the sickness. I wana go home. =(

Headache part 2

Magaling na gamot pala ang heartache sa headache. Tingnan mo, nakalimutan ko na ang headache ko sa sobrang sakit ng puso ko. Kahit anong gusto kong pekein ang sigla, hindi ko talaga kayang itago. Ayokong makita ang text nya. Matagal muna bago ko gustong basahin. At pag nagreply naman ako, Yes or No lang. What else can I say to her without getting hurt? Ayoko syang makita. Buti na lang madami talaga akong work because of my absence yesterday, kaya for the first time, I'm looking forward to overtime.

Eto na naman ako nagpapakagaga sa isang babae. Kaya sa lahat ng gusto nang magcommit, pag-isipan nyo munang mabuti. Relationships are uber-rated and effort-intensive.


Anonymous said...

uyy..papansin...you're a big girl na.. but i know how you feel and you will feel more of it as the relationship goes/grows.. isipin mo na lang that she does want to take care of you, time permitting.. no use feeling sorry for yourself..mag aaway lang kayo (but then, me make-up naman later on so pwede na rin.) .... twistedhalo

Anonymous said...

hmm nde ba pwede filial leave instead of sick leave? natutuluyan kse pag alibi is sick leave...

get well soon. baka tension headache lng yan :) or migraine. hay..

i hope ur ok. -w1cked

Anonymous said...

"Relationships are uber-rated and effort-intensive." u hit the nail on the head! narrealize ko to pag badtrip ako sa kanya, pero minsan nakakalimutan pag elated. i guess it's all part of the rollercoaser ride. hmmm


firewomyn said...

@twistedhalo - you're soo right there! sensitive (read: ksp) lang ako kasi syempre may sakit e. pero we're okay na. bumawi naman big time after ofc. try ko magpost ng headache part3. lol!

@w1cked - what's a filial leave? i hate lying so am teeny-weeny-bit glad that i was slightly sick so that am not really lying when i said am sick. maybe the heat too. i don't have migraine as far as i know. i wouldn't want to have that. =) thanks for the concern!

firewomyn said...

@w1cked - yeah. pag masaya na, limot na lahat ng issues, pag may issue, saka maaalala lahat ng conflict magnified by tampo. hayy, relasyones talaga. masaya-magulo-masaya-magulo. pero go lang ng go! haha.

Anonymous said...

filial leave, yun ginagawa ko if i'm sick and tired of work. parang emergency leave sia na "filial" ung reason meanin parang it concerns wid family matters haha i dunno.. i'm not really sure pero un kse sbe ng secretary e... :)
enjoy the ride :p

firewomyn said...

@w1cked - ah. baka nga emergency leave ang equivalent sa min non. thanks for the tip! :)