This is a fun, insightful repartee with a dearie friend. I thought of posting it because of her smart analogy of payday w/ love which coincides with today's payday. Yey! :) Background is, she fell for a girl who's already in a relationship (pero nagkakalabuan na daw).

Df: How's the busog sa pagmamahal?

Fw:  Eto, malnourish sa pera. Hehe. Kaw? Inlababo pa rin sa kanya?

Df:  Ok lng. Ang pera ay dumadating. Tuwing akinse at katapusan. Sana ganun din ang love. Haha. Oo inlab. Ala nang sabit. Dating exclusively.

Fw:  Nice. Sya pa rin ba yan? Sans her sabit?

Df:  Yep. Same girl.

Fw:  Naks! Ikaw ang nagwagi. Congrats! Pag may tyaga, may jowa. Hehe.

Df:  Haha. Nah. They're not working out na talaga before i came into the picture. Am technically still single though.

Fw:  Emotionally, physically & sexually attached but technically single. Right. :)

Df:  Yeah. How convenient is that? Haha.

Fw:   Grabe, the dichotomy of singlehood. Enjoy! So bakit hindi mo pa sya sinasagot?

Df:  I haven't asked her pa. Am not ready yet. Or maybe am scared.

Fw: For real?

Df: Yeah. Funny or absurd?

Fw:  Interesting. Makes sense actually. She just got off from a relationship, you just got off from being a 3rd party. So I think ok to chill for now.

Df: Yeah. I thought so too. But i get restless from time to time. You know, human nature. I get too love drunk at times that i just wana ask her to make it official. Haha.

Fw: Give it time. Ganyan din ako ka-kati noon. 2wks pa lang kakabreak, new gf agad. Build & strengthen the foundation. *naks! Hanep sa payo. Hehe*

Df: Oo nga. Baka nga iba na yung dynamics kasi single na talaga sya now. We've been goin out exclusively for months now.

Fw:  Basta payong kapatid na tomboy, don't rush. Savor that stage. If you feel the need to call her your gf, use a different term (like sweet, etc) so that it's still not official. Mahirap masaktan & maginvest ng emotion. Kaya, magpakasiguro ka na. :)

Df: Haha. Salamat sa payong kaibigang  tomboy. Oo nga ate. Lol. Well andun na kami sa stage na may term of endearment na kami for each other.

Fw: Kung madali ka naman  makarecover sa pain, then go & commit. Iba iba rin naman tomboy. Assess mo ano talaga gusto mo sa relationship and sa partner para you can determine if you're ready. *yikes! Ang seryoso ko! :D*

Df: And am not getting any younger. Am kinda tired flirting and sleeping around. *is this a good problem or what?! Hehe*

Fw:  Ano ba ang makukuha mo sa committed relationship na hindi mo nakukuha sa setup nyo now? Tired maybe, but you're still young. If you're ready then take the plunge :)

Df: Demands and expectations. The us and the we. Haha!

Fw:  Hehe. Asus! Kaya mo yan! :)

It's not that I don't like the girl, it's just that I think dearie friend deserves someone better, hotter, less messy setup. Ok, I admit, I don't like the girl. Hehe. What I hope for my dearie friend is to commit because her whole being wants it, not just because she's feeling territorial or antsy. I know this is a contradiction from someone who's been blindly impulsive. I guess I just want my dearie friend to have it better than mine. :) Because i've  approached my sexuality blitzkrieg style, I had a lot of "oops" & bummer experiences that I hope she can  leapfrog them. Good luck to her leapfrogging though, because I'm taller than her (ergo I have longer limbs). Hehe. *peace dearie friend!* But she has fuller breasts though. I've been openly envious of her abt it. Hehe.

Anyhoo, dearie friend is very smart and just needs a smarter friend (that's me! Lol!) to put some sense to her sometimes. I recant, love, sex, relationship are not about being cerebral, so all that smarter friend can do is to provide other perspective. *i won't recant saying am the smarter friend. Hehe* I sorely miss talking to  dearie friend. =)  

Note: we have a funny prequel to this conversation. Will post it soon.


Blissful Nomad said...

You seem to be very much sensible to converse with. I think I like to chat with you over coffee some time soon. :) I'd like to meet the woman behind the blog.

Anonymous said...

buti na lng at nandyan ka sa mga hanep na payo. hehe! -w1cked

_yle said...

Alright here's the plan: Watch Cats with the nomad, and then chat over coffee, and then tell me how it goes.

Ah, this is so refreshing. :))

dearie friend said...

that dearie friend is surely so lucky to have a friend who is smarter and has longer limbs. LOL ;) dearie friend just realized, but yes, how could u find the right one if you don't let go of the wrong one. But then again, you could always right a wrong. So there, your dearie friend is back to square 1. let's chitchat some time. :)

Lakwatsera said...

Galeng nito, para akong nagbasa ng libro tungkol sa pag-ibig, tomboy version, hehe. Seriously, your entries are very insightful, as well as witty. Only geniuses could do that. Salamat!

firewomyn said...

@Blissful Nomad - hello :) sure, basta treat mo. Hehe. And I don't drink coffee.

@w1cked - onga, buti na lang. Hehe. Hi kay gf mo :)

@_yle - parang direktor ang dating mo ah :) musta ka na?

@dearie friend - inuman na yan! :) let's update on each other's whathaveyous :)

@lakwatsera - thanks for the nice words. :) Some geniuses borders insanity though ;)

Anonymous said...

hehe improving na siya..gusto niya lang malaman sino mga kausap ko. pending request yung pwede na ko makipagmeet sa mga new found friends pero in one condition, ayaw niya i drag ko siya sa meet-ups. nway, i'l tell her u said hi. hehe -w1cked

Lakwatsera said...

A quote from John Lennon -- When I was about twelve, I used to think I must be a genius, but nobody’s noticed . Either I’m a genius or I’m mad, which is it? ‘No,’ I said, ‘I can’t be mad because nobody’s put me away; therefore I’m a genius.’ Genius is a form of madness and we’re all that way.

firewomyn said...

@w1cked - naks!am so happy that she's now relaxing about the whole thing. cheers to you two! :)

@Lakwatsera - naconfirm ko, hindi ako genius. kasi may wrong grammar ako sa comment ko sa yo - "Some geniuses borders insanity though". Should have been "border". :) Sabi ni JLennon - "Genius is a form of madness and we’re all that way." Does that mean we're all genius since "we're all that way"?

Lakwatsera said...

naro-wrong grammar din ang mga henyo. :-)

Blissful Nomad said...

Sige, pag uwi ko ng Manila, let's meet. hmm, coffee addict ako e. but then again, I can compromise. :)

San mo gusto? It's on me.

firewomyn said...

@Lakwatsera - osya, i agree na with you. hehe. pakipot pa daw e :D

@Blissful Nomad - any coffee shop that serves milk, ice cream, pasta & pastry :D yum! now that made me hungry. hehe. dinamihan ko na kasi treat mo e. haha.

gail said...

Sarap basahin ng usapan ng may usapan hahaha
My friends and I have this "saying", "sige lang ng sige, wala naman nang idudurog ang puso ko." :P

firewomyn said...

@gail - i totally agree with you and your friends' saying! :) love until you can. fearless!